If you could choose just one...

If you could choose just ONE player (past or present) to play ALL the positions in his "field" (ie: all 5 offensive line positions), who would they be? Here are my picks (starters in caps, backups in lower-case):

Offensive Line - TRAVIS CLARIDGE/Dave Hack

Recievers - EARL WINFIELD (Praise Be His Name)/Tony Champion

Running Backs - TROY DAVIS/Rufus Crawford

Quarterbacks - DANNY MCMANNUS/Joe Zuger

Defensive Line - GROVER COVINGTON/Angelo Mosca

Linebackers - BEN ZAMBIASI/Calvin Tiggle

Secondary - GARNEY HENLEY/Orlando Steinauer

Punter/Kicker - PAUL OSBALDISTON/Bernie Ruoff

Now it's everybody else's turn...

This is cool. Thing is, on the old site there was a thread called All-time Depth Chart done by Zuger9 (is he here any more, under another name?) that was really well done, it had a lot of activity and resulted in a really good roster, inlcuding kickers, and head coaches. I don't know if that is still acessible, hope so.

Offensive Line - TRAVIS CLARIDGE/Miles Gorrell

Recievers - EARL WINFIELD /Tony Champion

Running Backs - TROY DAVIS/Derrick McAdoo

Quarterbacks - DANNY MCMANNUS/Ken Hobart

Defensive Line - GROVER COVINGTON/Mike Walker

Linebackers - BEN ZAMBIASI/Rob Hitchcock

Secondary - Less Browne/Jason Goss

Punter/Kicker - PAUL OSBALDISTON/Bernie Ruoff

i like your choice of secondary, less browne/ and Jason Goss :slight_smile: my fav

Good one BG, but if your looking at the DLine John Barrow has to be there.

Hey I may be old, but that won’t stop me…

Offensive Line - ELLISON KELLY/Travis Claridge

Receivers - HAL PATTERSON/Tommy Grant

Running Backs - TROY DAVIS/Jimmy Edwards

Quarterbacks - BERNIE FALONEY/Danny McManus

Defensive Line - JOHN BARROW/Joe Montford

Linebackers - BEN ZAMBIASI/Calvin Tiggle

Secondary - GARNEY HENLEY/Paul Bennett

Punter/Kicker - PAUL OSBALDISTON/Bernie Ruoff

Returner (*) - EARL Winfield/Lewis Porter

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Seriously, the only categories where I think I could pick just one would be:

Receiver - Earl the Pearl
Kicker - Ozzie

Beyond that, I won't be so bold as to claim that I was alive and able to watch the best of the best perform, so I'd be going off of hearsay.

how LONG, er I mean, how many games, does a player have to have played on the ticats to qualify. The best QB you have had was Dunigan. Too bad his career got cut short.

otherwise how about Bernie/Kerrigan ?

"how long" you mean?

That's why all of my choices were people I remembered. I've heard from others and read stats of people before my time, but I stuck with those I know.

Just thought that i would reopen the debate

Offensive Line - Carl Coulter / Dave Hack

Recievers - Tony Champion / Earl Winfield

Running Backs - Troy Davis / Jimmy Edwards / Ronald Williams (Couldn't just pick two here )

Quarterbacks - Bernie Faloney / Danny McManus

Defensive Line - Grover Covington / Joe Montford

Linebackers - Ben Zambiasi / Mike O'Shea(ya ya I know he's a traitor but he still is one of the best ever)

Secondary - Garney Henley / Paul Bennett

Punter/Kicker - Paul Osbladiston / Bernie Ruoff

(starters in caps, backups in lower-case):

Offensive Line - ELLISON KELLY/Miles Gorrell

Receivers - EARL WINFIELD /Tommy Joe Coffey

Running Backs - JIMMY EDWARDS/Troy Davis

Quarterbacks - BERNIE FALONEY/Danny McManus

Defensive Line - GROVER COVINGTON/Angelo Mosca

Linebackers - BEN ZAMBIASI/Calvin Tiggle

Secondary - GARNEY HENLEY/ Less Browne

Punter/Kicker - PAUL OSBALDISTON/Bernie Ruoff (K), JOE ZUGER/Cam Fraser (P)

My prime time as a fan growing up was the mid-seventies to about 1987, so some of my picks reflect my bias. In particular, I remember Jimmy Edwards and how much of a magic man he was on the football field. Interesting debates indeed, considering a two-player-per-position limit....

Oski Wee Wee,

That's what's so interesting about leaving the crieria open like this. I indicated my 1975-1987 window of being a Ticat-mad kid growing up in the Hammer and that colours my perceptions somewhat regarding this debate.

For example, I would say that Tom Clements was the best QB the Ticats ever had if you look at the breadth of his career (Ottawa, Hamilton, Winnipeg), his talents on the field, and his knowledge of the game. Dunigan would be right up there as well (Damon Allen too for that matter), but watching Clements as a teen had more of an impact on me. In this discussion, it's the player's impact as a Tiger-Cat that holds more sway for me.

That being said, I still would choose Bernie Faloney for his Grey Cup wins (and his Eastern titles) in what was arguably the golden age of Ticat football. I also choose Danny as the backup because of the longevity of his stay with the Cats and the many team passing records he set here.

The whole thing depends on what YOUR criteria are, and that's what's cool about this thread.

Oski Wee Wee,

I am just very surprised at the number of people picking Danny in top 2. :?

I could see him being a sentimental favorite with the younger crowd, due to longevity and such but....

I am pretty sure that there have been a number of QBs in Hamilton over the yrs that were actually better, like Kerrigan.

Take off! :stuck_out_tongue:

cant, my wife clipped my wings 25 yrs ago, sigh :cry: :slight_smile: