If you could change just 3 things about the CFL...?

you are in the CFL commissionary position for a day and you are allowed to make three changes to the CFL rules or configuration. any changes you think will improve the game or have some positive effect, but just three.

what are they?

i’m tipsy and bored yes. :beers:

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One division.
No ratio.
No Rouge.

Now the league will reward merit.


One division
Increase the ratio of Canadian players
Can't decide what my third change would be but probably something they messed with in the last few years that didn't need messing with

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  1. no ratio
  2. one division
  3. 4th down (i'm a bit torn here because i also want to get rid of the 1 yard LOS)

i figured you would pick rouge but i thought you might pic getting rid of 1 yard LOS

i can't believe i'm still waiting for a WTF there will be no changes on my watch for a day post

Naw. That’s less irritating to me and goes with 3 downs. If you want 4 downs like you do then getting rid of the one yard sissy zone makes more sense.

Plus I fear the day that will inevitably come when a shanked field goal attempt wins the Grey Cup.


I'm still crafting my response. LOL.


yea they kinda go together. i don't mind the waggle either so i'd like to see some combination. give offenses more advantage that way but take away the 1 yard. i would love to more running game and offensive playcalling creativity.

hahaha all good fun!

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Increase the ratio to more Canadian players so they form a majority of rosters in the CANADIAN Football League.

Hire more Canadian football people - guys who grew up playing and coaching in the Canadian system - to be heavily involved in CFL decision making.

Quit sucking up to notions of changing the Canadian game to be more like the American version of football - like getting rid of the rouge of going to 4 downs, or even smaller details like that moron narrower hash marks B$ they brought in last year.


you seem angry. why?

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Angry? - is that what you call opinions that offend you or differ from yours ?

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no but you're post tone is clearly very combative and aggressive. you do realize this isn't for real?

anyways, your suggestions were fine lol. i don't care that they are different. that's the whole idea of this topic. nobody is sucking up to anything.

i'm actually kind of hoping there is someone who posts that they wouldn't change anything.

i just like good football in general so i like to imagine what putting the best quality of play or the ideal set of rules would look like, regardless of what league it is. i like both CFL and NFL and aspects of both.

What do you think would happen with the general response tone, if I went on an NFL forum and in debating suggestions to make their game better, I called for 3 downs, the rouge single point, getting rid of the fair catch and also having a whole bunch of Canadian football coaches (not zero or one or two) be hired by NFL teams ?

i would totally do this on an NFL forum hahaha

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One division
No rouge
Change the Illegal Contact and PI interpretations to allow more contact and leeway for DBs to make a play.


oooh i totally expected you to say get rid of operations cap (which i also considered, with salary cap)

You only gave me 3 slots. Ops cap would be 4th.

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