If you could ban one player from the cfl

based on dirty play and character or lack there of, who would it be

I choose the leagues biggest idiot, Jason Jiminez

Davis Sanchez or Adriano Belli.

Hmm... Jimenez or Murphy... tough call.

Henry Burris

I joke, I joke . . . I would've said Rob Murhpy a couple years ago, but he's been off the radar since going to T.O.

I'm going with that guy from Winnipeg that german suplexed the player after the whistle, a couple weeks ago, then lipped off to HC LaPolice as he held his arms in the air acting as though he did nothing wrong. He had like 50 yards in penalties alone. I don't know his name.


Lighten up, it was a joke. I actually thought he would've listed the Montreal player in his sig. :lol:

it's not a serious :roll: chief! :smiley:

my player.. there really isn't one.

You mean you wouldn't try to ban the Esks as one entity? I believe they call that growth. :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean last year's rookie of the year Jonathan Heffney

hey like I've said.. I don't cheer for the Esks, but I wouldn't want to wish them any ill will or plane crashes or serious problems.

This one's easy, Brandon Browner.

Jiminez or Belli



Browner isn’t dirty, so there’s no reason to list him here. Hate him for being really good at getting away with excessive clutching (which, by the way he gets caught for regularly) but he’s a decent guy, unlike Murphy, Belli or Jimenez. Those are the idiots who should be banned.

...lighten up fahq, the rules of this little game don't say the ban is strictly because of dirty play, just banning for whatever reason...and those that want Browner banned do so because he doesn't play for their team...that's all....envy, one of the seven deadly sins...

Never liked the blind sided hits on an unsuspecting player away from the play.

Guys who come to mind for those are Jiminez and Lewis, both ended careers of others needlessly.

Please. :lol:

Browner can't go two plays without hoisting a receiver's jersey over his head. Talentless, overrated sack of crap. I like the Stamps, and they are a great team from top to bottom, but I can't stand how TSN blathers on and on about their 'shutdown' corners. If the zebras let the rest of the league's cornerbacks get away with the crap Browner gets away with, we'd all have shutdown corners.

The player I would ban is... Nik Lewis..

I would really like to ban Rider ST coach Jim Daley... :wink: