If you can't beat him, defensive coordinator of the Argonauts Rich Stubler, .....why not hire him as our head coach when Taafe is eventually fired? Since he is one of the best defensive minds in the league he would also know who are some of the best offensive minds he has faced and would get some experienced CFL assistant coach for the offence. Ticats have always prided themselves for having tough lunch bucket defences. What was seen this past Saturday was a major embarrassment and disappointment.

Pinball is going upstairs in next few months as Presdent of the Argos..
Stubler is Expected to take over as head coach for Toronto.

This should happen if Toronto Don't make playoffs or Early in the offseason.

I was always a proponent of a defensive minded head coach. Last year I was in Greg Marshall's corner, but Stubler isn't a bad choice either. Let's not forget though, Toronto succeeds because they have better players on defense than most teams.

p.s. why do people insist on saying Pinball is moving up in management. People bring this up every year and he's still the coach, so enough with the silly rumours already.

Taafe will not be fired. He was given a team full of rookies, and a starting QB (Maas) and QB of the future (Chang) who both stink. You cannot win in the CFL without a bonifide starting QB. Now that Taafe actually has that starting CFL QB, the offence will take off...you watch.

The major problem with this team all year has been lack of offence. And it all stems from the QB position. When Williams was in there yesterday, the offence moved the ball. Our players had new life because they realized that they could run a pattern and actually get the ball thrown to them.

I was a Stubler-for-HC booster until Taaffe was clearly the frontrunner and it was apparent Stub was going nowhere.

I too prefer defensive-minded head coaches in general. That's just a philosophical thing of mine.

Oski Wee Wee,

Remember Sudsy as head coach?


Sorry but you are too late. I already have him hired to replace Ed O'Neill. 8)

Yeah. LMAO Ouch!

Look, Sudsy may go down as the Norv Turner equivalent of Cats coaches. A lights-out coordinator, not a successful head coach. Cacapoopoo indeed happens.

I offer Ralph Sazio as my touche! LOL :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I always thought the Cats should of went for Kent Austin because I was really unfimilar with Taaffe (look at the green riders under Austin). Now that he is in control I say we stick it out I did research on him when he was hired and I was impressed if anyone can take this team from the CFL basement to the top..its Charlie Taaffe.

We now have a bonified starting QB now..expect to see some progress in our Offence in the coming weeks.

The unorganized Defensive sidelines have been recognized thanks to Zeke Moreno, expect to see that change.

over & over again....

The headcoach should have been Jacques Chapdelaine. Too late now though, he'll take over headcoaching duties in Edmonton once Danny Maciocia is fired.