If you aren't watching the Super Bowl ...

Okay, I ended up not being in front of the fireplace with a cognac the whole time. I realized that I was missing the Canadian Junior finals, so I watched the 3rd to 11th ends of the game to see the good ol' Saskatchewan boys pull out the win :rockin: :cowboy: :thup: :cowboy: :rockin:

Hey another one, me too legal I watched this real Canadian “classic”.

Oh Gawd…are you really this insecure.

He says it was full value, a close game, closer than the score, had its bumps, organizers need to do some splaining about the planning. Fair reporting.

for christs sakes man…

You obviously need to catch up on the history man!
Brunt is known to be over the top and that's not just from me.
I see you "must be one of them", it's ok to evaluate or criticize the Grey Cup but the holy grail the NFL or Super Bowl.
Cue the thunder my friend.

Where did I diss the Grey Cup?
Just responding to your completely inaccurate dissemination of Brunt’s article on a game you didn’t watch.

Youre sounding very much like George W’s description of a good American. Either your fer or errposed

Surely your’e better than that?

"World Champions"- Man americans are so funny...
It's too bad I need to put up with that garbage for about another week.


That Is funny! :lol:

Sadly, ArgoTom's ridiculous when it comes to the NFl. Sorry, but it's true.

That image is hilarious! :lol:

No, they haven't. I think my ears actually bled a little...


I thought the game was fantastic. I didn't expect Green Bay to jump on Pittsburgh the way they did. Very exciting game. I'm completely indifferent toward Green Bay and I only like Pittsburgh's defence, yet I still had a blast watching it with family and friends. Definitely a good game. :thup:

Loved Richard Lewis. "What, is there a worldwide shortage of gazebos?" "Eat a Snickers. You're getting a little whiny." :lol: