If you aren't watching the Super Bowl ...

What are you doing that could possibly be more important (sarcastic off!)?

Me, I'll be in front of a warm fireplace, with maybe a cognac in hand reading a good book.

How about you?

I'm similar. Wife watching a movie, fire place on, I'm reading a chapter of go stamps, then starting the theron flury book.

I'm looking up at the tv when the Commercials appear.

What channel are you watchng that shows American comercials? Might make me turn on the American grey cup

I research family history and that's what I've been doing today.

I'm watching the SB but listening to CD's. Never would disrespect the Grey Cup like that though but the SB is good to watch for the football, but hate listening to it.

Black eyed peas havnt gotten any better since they played grey cup

I am watching Fox HD

The national anthem and half time show were an abomination...
The game itself is okay.

SB has been very good. Not the GC mind you, but so far at least an entertaining game. As for ads, fox sport website will have them after the SB.

Don't post the score to ruin this perfect night for me.
OK it's never perfect without a CFL game.

I read in the Toronto Sun from that infamous Steve Simmons how the city of Dallas was dead for the SB and has been rated as possibly the worst with Atlanta 2000.

With the terrible weather and the ticket fiasco I can believe that.

I recorded Gandhi last night and watched it tonight. It's been a while since I last saw it and had forgotten how great a movie it is. I like history and historical movies.

I have been to Dallas only once on business, and it really looks like zero special. My alma mater played two years straight at the Cotton Bowl there and fellow students at the time went and reported that it sucked back then too. Now with a massive stadium like that it probably still sucks all the same not to neglect to mention more obnoxious Texans than ever.

I can only imagine how much Dallas sucks when such a record blast of winter hits too.

Otherwise the game rocked, and I don't get what all the NFL hate is about as if you are into football, it's the only game in town now lest you like also soccer as do I with that having little comparison. :expressionless:

Now we have nothing for awhile until July lest you enjoy also Super XV rugby as do I too.

And damn dudes we know the Super Bowl halftime show sucks major butt already, so like me don't watch it!

Last year I learned my lesson again after skipping it for years when watching The Who at a friend's place, so I learned the hard way.

And as for the hype and advertising it sucks butt too but for maybe one commercial a year, but that's why I watch more online now to skip out on some of it as can you in Canada too unless you have some limits on your high-speed internet plan there.

There were a couple of hilarious commercials.. the Snickers ad where Roseanne gets nailed by a huge log is priceless!!

i worked. then i stopped in at my uncles, who was having other family members over for the superbowl. none of them watch football, and they were in the kitchen while the game was on in a different room. yet, that will count for 8 people watching the game in the ratings.

Is it over yet!

I went to Hoops. Great place to watch the game. Over 120 TV’s, plus a 12ft square model. Decent food. Close to my house. Nice to go out for a brew. Good times.

Wow here is a surprise and I din't see this coming, the number one local NFL cheerleader, Steven Brunt of The Globe calls this game a classic?

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/football/packers-win-super-bowl/article1896656/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/f ... le1896656/[/url]

Since I did not watch, I will leave it up to you fine folks that did to see whether his evaluation is like always over the top since the NFL and the Super Bowl can do no wrong?