If you are quarantined due to Covid 19

Which Grey Cup game would you watch first?

I would choose the 1989 Grey Cup

The 51st Grey Cup


any game with Doug Flutie playing

any game with Matt Dunigan playing not for edmonton

2004 Clemons coached winning cup game

1994 game of course

1986 and 1999 because they were good games for Ozzie and not so good for the Alberta teams :smile:

2011, Lions get revenge against the Bombers for 88 cup loss

As a Stamp Fan , I'll give 2
Biased; 1998 Calgary Vs Hamilton
Unbaised; A tie between 1994 BC Vs. Baltimore and 1989 Hamilton Vs Saskatchewan
Loved 1989, but a slight bit more defense would have been nice.

I'll go with the 93rd Cup from 2005. The overtime thriller.


Just because I was enjoying football and not expecting there to be none now, I am getting to where I would pretty much even watch the 83 game. This game was just about the most boring disappointing GC of the last 54 yrs for me, but I would watch it again now. Beggars cant be choosers

I'll say the 2005 game too. I was working that day and never got to watch it. It sounded like a great game.

I'll also go with the oldest game available on film, just to see how the game was played back then.

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Although the Als lost this one I must agree.

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I was lucky to see it, because the CBC failed to make it available on DVD. One of the greatest games ever played, and the failed national boredcaster dropped the ball. I wrote a letter the CFL after that one. It was absolutely shameful that that game wasn't made available at ANY price. I think in recent years a copy of it has resurfaced somewhere, but it wasn't because the CBC was on top of it. That episode was the beginning of the end of CBC and CFL relationship.

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