If You Are Against More Development Of Canadian QBs

Fact is one Non import starter is worth more to a CFL team than any nfl reject.
Its plain and simple, its discrimination of the worst kind for Canadians who play QB at collage level to not get equal opportunity to play pro ball.
All the stereo typing about the level of play in CIS is just nonfactual.

I wouldlove to see the 20th rank ncaa team play cis champ Laval.Its would be Laval vs USC and we will give you your rules and field and stadium and they still would get blown out.....Man americans are not the reason their are no canadian born QB'S in the CFL...Its talent and thats the only reason.What if we said no international players in the NBA OR MLB?Yall would be crying the blues....Man lay off us and live in reality

You know that they will never play so what is the point of arguing,. Have your popular bowl games they prove nothing!

Man Laval couldnt beat USC....I dont understand why people in Canada think they way they do.I never see us talking about the CFL OR CIS on NCAA OR NFL FORUMS.Thats like saying american NCAA HOCKEY is better than CIS HOCKEY....We know that its not and accept that because hockey isnt a american past time like it is in canada.So face it

Right on Mr Ohio this time …sometimes it’s just that way with the thinking of a few well beyond this context because no way you can confuse such folks with enough evidence when they have certain preconceived beliefs/wishes/hopes/delusions/dreams.

Delude yourselves all you like,
Canada can produce world class athletes in every Olympic sport, in every pro sport, But we cant produce a pro qb?. LMAO

Let's not mix matters here and get back to the original point of this post with the evidence given previously.

I have no question that Canada could and should produce a whole corps of quality quarterbacks considering as well the overall awful quality we are producing here in the US nowadays.

We have only about a dozen good NFL QBs overshadowing higher numbers of mediocrity and crap since the Live Ball Era began in 1978. Again, see the list I put together below of many a backup and even starter who are for the most part consistent crap with the exception of a few names who have managed to have some shining moments since the date of that list.

None of this has anything to do with pitting many an NCAA team against a few top CIS teams.

More the matter at hand are the highly needed concentrated efforts to develop far more youth talent prior to the CIS level in Canada.

Canada is a hockey country not a football country

You really believe that CIS hockey teams would beat NCAA teams? Maybe in lower divisions but not at the top level, IMO. Good NCAA teams are stocked with NHL prospects. CIS teams have virtually no one that the NHL would sign -- they are mostly stocked with guys who excelled to a certain level in junior hockey but are not going any farther. I can think of only one CIS player (Steve Rucchin) who ever got to the NHL friom CIS. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of players who went to the NHL from NCAA. Sure, many of them are Canadian (although this is declining as more and more Americans take up and excel at the game). But there is no way, IMO, that CIS teams would consistently beat NCAA teams at the top level if there was ever an interlocking schedule.

Canada is a hockey country not a football country
Wow thank you for your worthless contribution to the discussion again Captain Ohio Obvious. :roll:

What great Ohio logic. Let me see, because Canada will always be as far as sports a hockey country, no way will it improve its youth football right?

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Perhaps that guy in Sandusky who comments on here at times is your friend with that brand of Ohio brilliance on display?

Did you ever consider giving further information to support your opinion on any matter?

In other matters and perhaps good news for you, our proposal that included annexation of your State of Ohio to Canada was declined. :frowning:


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do you know who sandusky is???

Ex very good LionsEsks reciever who lives in ohio.

I didn't know that. Haven't been following the CFL that long. I thought Paolo was referring to a poster who used to post here by the name of sanduskyohiobro and whose posting style was very similar to that of mrohio and ohiofootball.

yeah, I was just teasing Paolo by pretending to assume he was talking about Jim Sandusky. :slight_smile:

Worth re-posting in the context of this thread for any feedback from Canadians familiar with youth football after we took those detours about hockey and NCAA football and that state of Ohio ... :slight_smile:

[url=http://www.profootballweekly.com/2011/01/15/sleeper-in-vikings-qb-derby-bomar-3]http://www.profootballweekly.com/2011/0 ... by-bomar-3[/url]

I say if it does not work out for him quite in Minnesota, as I doubt he's not better than is Joe Webb who I think was just a flash in the pan for a game, perhaps the CFL?

Since my prior post, Daniel in New Orleans did get his first NFL experience in the last game as was a meaningless loss, in terms of the season and playoff picture, against Tampa Bay.

Here are your prime candidates for a Lemon-like move to the CFL in order should things not work out in the NFL, as none of these players IMHO have starter potential anywhere else in the NFL if even backup potential:

  1. Seneca Wallace
  2. Shaun Hill
  3. Tim Tebow
  4. Chase Daniel
  5. Rhett Bomar

A bit of an update to the prior post here:

Essentially Seneca Wallace is in a do-or-die mode in the NFL in the sense that either he gets a chance to be the starter this season or will remain in high-paid playing limbo. Basically the Browns moving to a West Coast offence seem to be leaning on grooming Colt McCoy despite his inferiority in skills to Wallace. How I would love in the event of a lockout or otherwise to see Wallace head up to the CFL just to play whilst he still can for awhile, but more than likely I am just dreaming as ultimately the money keeps such players here. :frowning:

Otherwise, the chips have gone way down with regard to Tim Tebow in a pro-set offence in Denver under the new coach John Fox as well as under GM John Elway. More than likely for no good reason, some ball control team out there might show interest in Tebow, but wow wouldn't he be great right now to be groomed in the CFL. We can only hope that's the case if he's dumped after this season.

Hill shows enough mobility and decent skills at the same age as Wallace at 31 this year but better. Hill's still considered to have upside in the NFL game, so he'll be courted awhile I think more than Wallace given his superior skills and size.

Daniel has barely played at all, and Bomar has yet to show what he has in an NFL game. Perhaps they'll end up in a similar situation as Tebow in a year and face reality of hanging around forever waiting to ever play as they hold clipboards for a great, though not secure, salary or seeking some real action up north.

Wallace would be an ideal CFL qb. His skill set was likened to former Eskimo great Tracy Ham. Unfortunately, due to monetary reasons, he has stayed down south mostly as a back-up. Perhaps with his higher cap number, teams will be less likely to bring him aboard in favor of younger, cheaper options at QB. A player with the skills of Wallace should be featured on the field, rather than standing on the sidelines, clipboard in hand. This is definitely one of those situations where a higher salary cap would really come in handy.

Chase Daniel could turn out to be a pretty good QB north of the border; (or he may not). Either way, it sure would be nice to find out.

Tim Tebow could be the odd man out in Denver as new coach John Fox already has already named Kyle Orton the starter. Tebow already has a connection with Als head coach Marc Trestman. However monetary considerations will make things hard for acquire Tebow aswell although, if anyone would play "for the love of the game" it seems it would be Tebow who seems to be a real character guy.

  1. I'm cheering for Sinopoli
  2. No chance anymore now for Seneca Wallace given his new 3-year contract; I see him making something out of these next three years in Cleveland with the new West Coast offence they will run when I think Colt McCoy will screw up.
  3. No Pat White in the CFL -- he can't throw at this level