IF you are a fan of the NFL...

Who is your team? and why?
Mine! Greenbay! But right now im pulling for Vikings, as im a HUGE favre fan!
I like greenbay, well, not sure. but my mopm said my grandpa baught me a Greenbay hoodie when i was little, I donot rember this shirt, but perhaps its the reason I like them.

I can't get into the NFL teams and pick a favourite. I need to live in one of the Cities to call them my team. I just like watching a good football game and watching the Argos blow.....

My team’s the Buffalo Bill’s because of the history and the location.Too bad they suck right now :confused:

I lost all respect for them with the flutie disownage that went down! I also like steelers, because they are the same colours as CAts and bouth are steel towns! So, there overall my second favorite team. Plus, im a fan of the penguines :slight_smile:

I don't mind the Steeler's, but i'd have to say my second favourite team is the Cardinal's.Larry Fitzgerald's definitely my favourite NFL player.

San Fran - Loved Jerry Rice growing up, then Steve Young.

Current favourite player is Peyton Manning, best in the game by far.

Miami Dolphins, lost the 1st ever superbowl to be shown in the UK (San Fran v Dolphins) and so supported them ever since

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Even have the tat :3

"whoever i picked on pro-line"

I like the chiefs

I'm a big New Orleans fan now mainly because I've always been a fan of Brees even when he was with Purdue, right now I'd take him over any qb. I also like watching Chris Johnson, he has to go down as the most complete running back in NFL history, hopefully he has a long career and breaks every rushing record, he already has more 80 plus runs than any other running back in NFL history and it only took him part of a season to do it lol.

Also the NFL network is great, I watch that during the week instead of the games, the amount of work and detail they put into disecting game footage is insane. I've lost all respect for Dunnigan, Climie, Shultz because of the NFL network, there's just no comparison, it's like comparing nuclear scientists to illiterate lumberjacks or something lol

I live in Jacksonville so... JAGS

To say the analysis is more entertaining than the product is very sad. Apparently the NFL network has worked some of their brain washing on you.


I've like the Vikings since a kid with the Purple People Eaters, Fran Tarkenton, Joe Kapp, that Brown running back and the old Met outdoors in January, those were the days. I hope they get out of the Metrodome soon. Loved the old Vikes jerseys better than the new ones.
Go Vikes Go and win the Grey Cup, er Super Bowl I guess it is down there. :wink:

The Saints are the way to go. And crash, Peyton Manning by far? I tend to disagree. But anyways, I'll but a disclaimer in, I've been a Saints fan since before 2006. I remember thinking that Aaron Brooks was the best thing since sliced bread. Him, Joe Horn, and Deuce won me over.
The NFL has really got me going this year, partly because of the Saints success, but it seems like it is kind of like what the CFL was two or three years ago. Fast paced with more emphasis on throwing, rather than running every down. It certainly is nice to see.

Dolphins (even before the perfect season). Having establishment my age, the Packers and Da Bears, just for old time sake. And any team that is playing the Boys. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I became a Cleveland Brown fan during the era of Jim Brown and Bobby Mitchell, in the late 50s and early 1960s. Later I also liked the Washington Redskins and Kansas City Chiefs. For me, these are very lean times. The 3 teams stink! Of course, I am also a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. With all these teams I am running out of time...now in my late 60s. Love the Tigercats and the CFL(my number 1 league and sports team).

The Colts for me, the thing is it was the Baltimore Colts when I started watching them.In the AFL it was the Kansas City Chiefs.Johnny Unitas and Len Dawson two good QBs

I dont know if it's more entertaining, but it's great watching them go over the same stuff coaches go over, they go over plays and show why Vince Young isnt quite there yet as a passer and they go over Donovan Mcnabbs mechanics to show why he's more accurate with his deep throws than his short ones.

If anyone has a kid who plays football I'd highly recomend you get the NFL network, they could learn so much from some of the shows.

I don't have any long-term allegiances in the NFL, but I enjoy any game where there is an exciting RB like Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson.