If ya need a safety

This little tidbit seems to have passed by without any significant media mention, but NI Safety Richard Karikari was cut from the Argos at some point...

Knowing the Cats could sure stand to improve at safety, he might be worth pursuing...

Yes Would be Nice Pickup..
I agree

I can find no evidence of this cut on the Net, yet Kharikari is not listed on the roster of the Argos on their website. Can anyone provide a link for the cut from the Argos?

Is this guy available or what? And if he is, why did the Argos not want him? Has he gotten that bad over the past 2 years? Remember the bidding war that transpired when Kharikari was a free agent?

Probably cut due to his salary....its slowly happening but more and more players are being released due to their salary.

His been Removed from CFL and Argo Official Rosters
I have yet to see a Link but could be yet to come.
it's odd that he not listed on Team roster

Winnipeg Free Press Article

the note about Karikari is right at the bottom. Perhaps the Argos havent mentioned it cause they're so embarassed to have traded for him and then cut him

Great Work!!!

[url=http://www.argofans.com/viewtopic.php?t=2334&sid=0588c49c493d3f8c0c42ed1b3aa3f149]http://www.argofans.com/viewtopic.php?t ... 1b3aa3f149[/url]

This is all I could find from their chat board.

Given the fact that Ticat GM Marcel Desjardins and Richard Karikari were both in the Alouette organization back in 2005, one would guess that Desjardins is at least exploring the possibility of signing Karikari.

Agreed, TCTD.

I hope he signs with us he is a solid safety and would be a great pick up.