If we've learned anything from this past CFL season...

If we've all learned anything from this past CFL season it is this:

A team can start the season off 0-5 and still win the Grey Cup! [Our Lions]
A team can start the season off 7-0 and still lose the Grey Cup! [The Bombers]

THAT is why I love the CFL! :thup:

Can't wait to see the Lions do again in Toronto!

And that it reinforces the notion that in the CFL the season actually starts on Labour Day. Always has been, always will be. BC was the best team by a country mile after labour day, thus they won the Grey Cup.

The second thing that was confirmed is that you can’t win in the CFL without an elite quarterback.

The Bombers started 7-1, but I can see your point. I still find it funny how the Lions started 0-5 and the Eskimos started 5-0 yet the Lions finished in first. It was truly a remarkable season.

And no doubt about winning the Grey Cup with an elite QB. Off the top of my head, the last dozen Grey Cup winners featured these starting quarterbacks:

2011: Travis Lulay (MOP)
2010: Anthony Calvillo (former MOP)
2009: Anthony Calvillo (MOP)
2008: Henry Burris (future MOP)
2007: Kerry Joseph (MOP)
2006: Dave Dickenson (former MOP)
2005: Ricky Ray
2004: Damon Allen (future MOP)
2003: Ricky Ray
2002: Anthony Calvillo (future MOP)
2001: Marcus Crandell
2000: Damon Allen (future MOP)

The only one that stands out to me is Marcus Crandell on that list. No offense to the guy, but he wasn’t exactly elite in any other year but maybe that one (and even then his team was 8-10). You gotta hope that Lulay sticks around, because we need these elite QBs to win these games!

You are absolutely right Gornaldatron! It was indeed 7-1.

I guess I would have been more accurate had I said

Lions 1-6
Winnipeg 6-1

Or have I messed that up too? I've got to put the Smirnoff's away. lol

Lulay could be the next Marcus Crandell: a 1 year wonder! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: