IF ...we're that good

...The Bombers have to start playing up to their potential...and that means now...If the last game was one of our worst (according to Berry)...then a play-off mentality at this point in the season, better start forming up...The secondary needs work for sure....getting back Hayward and Khan should help..we'll see ?????Bombers HAVE to win 2 of the next three to clinch 1st. place...Time for some accountability BigBlue...let's get er' done....We know the talent is there..... :rockin: :thup:

They have to find a way to put up more points in the first half of games. They are consistently outplaying and outscoring teams in the second half of games. Solve that riddle and all will be well.

if they play the way they do in the second half throughout the whole game, no one could beat us..... danny mac raised that point last sunday, and i completely agree.

look at the way we completely manhandled sask, during the banjo bowl, who was at the time "the best team in the league". by that i mean had the best record. this team can be a great one, but they arnt consistant, and its really frustrating

Who will turn up on Friday?

Will it be Trick or Treat?

If they lose, I say they don't beat Toronto next and it's all over but the lame playoff date. And in another twist I'm concerned they may burn out just trying to win the next game.

Hope the trick's on me.

I wouldn't count on Berry writing off the season in such a short span of losses to bc/cal. In the bc-game Roberts fumble cost us. In the cal-game questionable coaching decisions (3qrt. not gambling on 3rd&1: resulted in giving cal possession = cal-td / + / poor red zone execution were partly to blame.)

On a side note: beating cal in Winnipeg makes first place a real possibility now. There is no doubt that the Bombers can beat Toronto/B.C./Sask. come playoff’s. No excuses.

After last night I am not convinced that our defensive backs are any good. Most of the catches that were missed by Calgary were because the receiver dropped the ball or couldn't get to it.
The only way we are going to beat teams with good QB's is if the front seven overun the O-line. I thought they would get better but not!. We need help!

...yup....porous is the word that comes to mind :cry:

Fellas let's not be too hard on these guys, our secondary is missing Bolden and Malbrough, yet we held Calgary out of the end zone until garbage time in the 4th quarter !

Give them some credit.

On another note, is Armstrong in good health? Just wondering.

Not 100%, he has the calf thing which is slowing him down.

'''how about IKE....i didn't like the way he came off the field holding his shoulder and arm...he's really starting to play some sound ball...hope he's not hurt bad... :roll:

...i wonder if Malbrough will be able to get back into the line-up ...IF he can stay healthy i know he'll be an up-grade to what we have now.....Bolden...back problems....ouch...if you suffered from them you know what i mean...it'll be hard for him to lay a lick on anyone in that condition (supposed to be a compressed disc)...don't like his chances of returning anytime soon... :cry:

re; lebird

This thread actually became interesting thanks to lebird's observation of the Bomber's secondary. (They are relevant.) I wouldn't undermine the secondary completely,
but Marshall needs to instill far more confidence in how these guys play. As long as our run defense is 'on' + our pass rush is being effective.

I don't know... They look like a Bomber team to me. You take a small lead, goof off till it counts and then heat up on the QB until something breaks.
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