If we play like we did today, we got a good shot at grey cup

we played awesome no doubt about it, casey was getting his rust off, now imagine him agaisnt calgary, that will make him even better, then EDMONTON, we can kill them. Casey was just getting rust off dont worry, but we could use some more QB protecting, he got charged at about every play.

No offence bud. IF we can't get our offensive line to protect our QB better then you might see Casey on the mash unit quicker then you think.
First off any team that makes the playoffs in the CFL has a shot at the Grey Cup. Period. If you think Saskatchewan D was coming at our QB all game, what the heck do you think Calgary 's D is going to do. The Lions are playing two teams that have something to play for GeroyFan. Calgary wants to host the WF AND Edmonton like us is fighting for a playoff spot.
Lets not get ahead of ourselfs here but if we have already clinched a spot in the playoffs and nothing to play for by the time we play Edmonton don't expect to see Casey to play much or even at all.
The last time the Lions won the WF and the Grey Cup we had not one but three QB ( Dickenson,Pierce, and Jackson) who played had a signifacant role to leading that team to the title. Its a team game not one player is going to lead you to the promiseland.

Well, im a lions fan, im NEVER going to doubt them, if we can defend our QB better, printers can lead us to a grey cup, he played amazing even with the pressure!

The defence has to play better, especially the backs. They play to soft at times and are prone to getting burnt at inopportune times. :cowboy:

CP played great and so did a handfull of others, the defence was down right horrid at time as well as the special team cover teams( missed Arakgi for sure ) If they play like that the next two weeks we might not be in the playoffs.

i agree bobby, sask killed us on there return yardage,

well me and my dad believe printers is binging us a grey cup.