If We Play, Let's Test Some Stuff

If we get on the field in 2020 safely, I think this a great opportunity to test some formats and rule changes. The CFL game is unique and I believe it would be open to some some tests, especially in a shortened season. Two things I'd like to see, and maybe it's happening, I just missed it but:

  1. No divisions. Just rank all the teams top to bottom. 1 and 2 get the bye 3-6 playoff for the right to play 1-2.
  2. One rule change I'd like to see is offensive teams who get a "half the distance to the goal line" penalty is to have that applied against their yards for a first down. For instance, you get a holding call on your own 4 yard line. Currently you are penalized for 2 yards and it's down over and 12 yards to go. I'd like to see the yardsticks move 10 yards downfield instead of the ball moved back 2 yards. Instead of 'x' down and 12, it's now 'x' down and 20. What it would be anywhere else on the field.

Would like to hear other's ideas!

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well, point 1 has been well discussed here.

as for point 2, I think it would be an improvement over what is, but what about when the defense gets a half the distance penalty?

I have long wished that the ball would be put on the respective 1 yard lines when the full penalty cannot be marked off.

It can be still applied against the defense in some way and actually is. For example offense is 3rd and goal from the 4 yrd line. Defense goes offside. The next play is first and goal from the 2. I would really like to see patcarm's idea implemented for the offensive side of the ball.