The schedule doesn't get any easier with B.C., Montreal and Calgary.
The Cats could possibly be 0-6.
Wow !! Next week game is HUGH !!

No Presure ! :roll:

they will be 4-2 not 0-6 and they will win aganist the Riders. Thanks for being so positive, your a true fan! :lol:

Who's Hugh?

Putting my love and bias aside, and putting on my reality hat we, will be lucky if we are 2-4 after 6 games. :oops:

If we’re 2-6 after six games, I’ll eat my hat.

He is a member of the Royal Family that is visiting Ivor Wynne Stadium next week :wink:


Same answer as last thread. Get back to work and try to win the next game. Fix the mistakes and keep working. There is a good chance we could be 0-3 if the team as a whole does not stop making mistakes.

This needs to be the same approach for everygame. Now is not the time for wholesale changes, and knee-jerk reactions. We all know we have the talent, but we are not executing plays or making good calls.

Keep working and the results will show. We need to come out with some wins in the next four games, particularly those at home.


I think next week there will be significant changes.
There is a saying in football, "for every rookie you start it cost your team one game during the season." Kelly and Williams = 0-2. How many rookies are on defence ?? Oh My !! :cry:
I hope that saying doesn't include the Offensive and Defensive Coordinator !! :oops:

Its time to put Marquay McDaniel back in, this guy had almost 1000 yards receiving last year and was pretty reliable on kick returns. It says he is on the one game injured list. He is not injured. Get him on the field !! :thup:

We are too good of a team to go 0-3 I would say, let's ferilize positive thoughts this week.

We have a feature running back on our team now.
I say lets establish the running game and the passing game will take care of itself.
Let the "O" line explode off the line run blocking and let Avon work his magic.
I believe Sask. is vulnerable against the run.

Glen should have a big game. Calvillo threw 5 TD passes against Sask and they are 0 - 2 and on the road.
By this time next week we will be tied for the final playoff spot.

I hate this saying. It is absolutely ludicrous and has no factual basis. The Cats have not lost either game because of their rookies. Chris Williams played terribly last night, but he's not the reason they lost.

No one seems to be able to point out who coined this phrase. It comes off to me as another excuse. I don't buy it. The Cats lost because they were outplayed. The amount of rookies has nothing to do with it.

Wasn't it Dave Ritchie that first said the phrase?

Want to bet they are not going to be 4-2 ?

If the Ticats are 4-2 I will not post on the forum till the end of the regular season. If the Ticats are below 4-2 by the sixth game final whistle, you can't post on here under any handle till the season is over.

Let's see you Roar :smiley: I don't normaly do this but your a true fan :wink:

There is another saying. For every Bellefeuille/Miller you have you lose at least 9 games :cowboy: That one is based on facts :lol:

There has been plenty of fertilizer being spread around this board lately...

Actually most of the fertilizer has been spread on the field by Marcel, Khari, Glenn and crew.

we are only

two games into the season

PJ: "Fix the mistakes and keep working"? I did not see any fixing of mistakes since the first loss. Why would it be any different the next time?
In any event, I think the problem this team has shown so far is not about fixing mistakes. To me it's more about bad game planning, bad play calls and poor perfomances by Glenn.
The defence shows some promise and need more time. But to me, the offence looks like it has the brakes on and is going in the wrong direction completely. It needs a whole new philosophy.
All this looks uncomfortably familiar to me. We had similar problems last year along with a lack of adjustments in the second half.
The only constant in the coaching since last season is Marcel. So when we point fingers, it's no wonder they point to the HC.
I hope I am wrong but we could very well have no wins or just one win by August.The other teams look to me to be better than us and they are also improving. We have a long way to go. Again. :cry: