if we lose to montreal, can we expect a trade with calgary?

Sometimes teams in disarray (like Hamilton and Calgary) trade major players to similar teams in an effort to try to spark the club. So if we lose to Montreal, might we see something like...

-Holmes to Calgary for Nik Lewis?

(Why not? Especially if Holmes isn't used at all against Montreal, and we continue to have trouble throwing the ball downfield because none of our receivers are getting open)

Taafe for Higgins.

Another silly thread..

Sometimes I wonder if many members here are more fans of drama then they are of football itself.

Trading Holmes would be insane. Period.

Why is it so silly? The Cats haven't shown any need for Holmes and what they're gonna start giving him the ball now, when the element of surprise is all but gone? Good luck.

calgary wont be giving up nik lewis

but if we lose tonight then yea i would be expecting a trade with calgary

Reynolds for Ralph? I didn't think so.

well obviously calgary wont trade for a reciever

akili smith should get the start next week and if he plays well... then bye bye burris

maybe we can trade for burris......

Maas for a couple of nerf balls and bring back butler.

Maas and $100,000 for absolutely nothing

if the stamps were to trade away a receiver, it would be copeland ( since they barely use him ).

why didnt we just try to sign steve burratto in the 1st place?

This thread is insane. We're not going to make any trades because it's a brand new organization. It might not seem like it but if this rebuilding were done right, which is the way we are headed then none of you would be looking at trades after a week 3 loss that hasn't even been played yet.

Rebuilding means all jobs are open. If a better player comes along right now he should be on the team no matter who needs to be cut to make room for him

oh you're right but to think that on a rebuilding team we have anything worth trading is crazy. Anyone that we have that a team would actually have an interest in should be seen as a key component to the core of this team.

Notice my suggestion was to pay someone to take Maas to free up $250,000 cap space?

Jay Barker is not an idiot.

Next thread? :wink: