IF we lose to Edmonton next week , we would have lost to the two worst teams in the league.(as predicted)

IF THAT HAPPENS WHAT SHOULD WE DO????????????????? 1. stay home?
2.Ask for a head coaching change?
3. Ask for a OC change?
4. QB change?
5. what??????

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, 1 game does not change the course of a season and we've seen many a time our team take a beatdown and then hand out a few beatdowns in a row.Just to humour you though, IF we lost next week it would depend.If KG was off that bad again, I would be totally in favour of starting Porter.Again, lot's of IF's in a long CFL season.This loss stung but I guess in a way it's good to have a rude awakening now rather than week 16.

If The Team gose 0-5 Coach B Should be Fired..

0-5? Get off the ledge, buddy. Sheesh, they lost one game. It's not the end of the world. :roll:

Everyone just needs to calm down. I have a question: what if the Cats make no changes, go into Edmonton next week and win? What should the team do then?

if they lose the next 17 games, they'll be 0-18.

When in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!

...we should ask for a "fans" change/ Cats fans are generally negative with arm chair QB knowledge....hence why they are in the stands & not on the field.


It's not one game with this head coach. It is two years of mediocrity, a team unable to properly game plan, a team that can't win a playoff game and a team that never seems prepared mentally. Blame the players if you want but it is the coach's job to prepare the players to win. I'm not putting all the blame on Bellefeuille, just most of it.

Great post! :thup:

People i did not say when we go 0-5
I said if it Happens we need a Change ..
I think well beat Edmonton But Saskatchewan & Montreal will be Tough

IF WE LOSE TO EDMONTON NEXT WEEK??? There will be 19,687

I agree that it's the coaches job to prepare the players and that he's been here for 2 years, but every year the teams personnel change which makes it hard to prepare for an opposing team in week 1 when you don't have any current game film or anything to work with.

That excuse won’t fly. How did Paul LaPolice and Jim Barker both get the job done - both on the road and both arguably with less overall team talent than the Ti-Cats?
Ladies and gentlemen, it will be gut check time in Edmonton. Two losses to the two worst teams in the league last year and watch out! The expectations for this team are very high.

It's dejavu from last year at this time! Great expectations, lost the first game of the year against Winnipeg then lost the home opener to Calgary.

Well hopefully we come back home and try to win the next game. Two games don't make a season, and as much as I hated the loss last night, and the way we lost, I don't think one or two losses means you blow it all up. I would suggest no major changes until game 6, because I always feel seaons should always be broken into thirds when it comes to do evaluations.

The game last night was winnable. That interception for a touchdown was the turning point. If that pass is completed or even dropped, and the Ti-Cats score, we win. I really think and hope this will be a wake-up call for this team. They crushed the Als last week in pre-season and I think from top to bottom too many people let their heads swell. End result was a poor showing. It was ironic that the players who had solid contributions were in those areas where we thought we had problems. These guys obviously kept working hard and were ready to go.

Put this game behind us and play hard every week and the results will come. You can't take any win for granted, and I think some parts of the team were guilty of this.


Perhaps, before the Edmonton game the coaches should replay last year's playoff crash to the team to remind them of how they finished last year and how that type of play can be costly and needs to change NOW!!!

I don't think we need to panic, but as Drew Edwards pointed out in his article after last night's game, there were some startling reminders last night of last year's playoff game, except for the defence and the kicking.

Maybe it's the coach, perhaps it's the culture, but "commit to win" needs to be more than a slogan around this team.

There's only one correct thing to do.



Is it just me, or does Glenn always try to make a play, regardless of the consequences? On the pick-six, the best option might have been to throw the ball away, no to force it to Stala.

especially if he’s going to throw it over his head!!!

...must be the kicker's fault :wink:

Why are you blaming Medlock ? He was perfect yesterday. Great to have relaible FG kicking back again.