If we lose to BC, I don't want to hear the following excuses

-long travel time
-10 pm EST start
-rookie qb
-KK doesn't know game plan

These are all excuses that will be made should the cats lose tonite. We cannot accept any of these excuses.

We did not have a short week so our guys had plenty of time to fly out and adapt to the time change.

Porter and KK each took the reps in practise this week. They are men, who cares if it's their first starts for us, they are football players. Mistakes will be made but I don't want this as an excuse!

How about:

  • BC is a MUCH better football team;
  • the O-line is terrible at pass protection;
  • too many penalties;
  • the receivers cannot catch (or get open);
  • etc...

these are good reasons why we might lose to BC. I can accept these. I don't like the fringe answers like I stated above. If we are not talented enough to beat BC then we aren't talented. I don't want to hear we lost cuz the flight was long.

Let's all list the excuses that we want to hear. :slight_smile:

I wish you luck and hope you beat BC

I will blame a loss tonight on the Bossa Nova or Charlie Taffe. I confirm my official selection later.

"We'll have to look at the tape."

Wrong coach? :wink:

(And while not truly an excuse, that seemed to be Charlie's favorite method to avoid pointing fingers during post-game interviews. Arguably a legitimate technique, but it sure got tiring to hear week after week.)

Sigpig: But....why is it Ritchie Williams and Porter so far have managed to look pretty good with the O-line?
But not with Casey.

   Just a rhetorical question for you because most of the rest of us know the answer. <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

ticat fan lose excuse number 101

  • we lost because lions threw beer at us :twisted:

You should have made the title of this... "WHEN we lose to BC, I don't want to hear the following excuses"

Porter in half a game in which a team has zero film on him or his tendencies.
Richie has looked good? He’s looked okay…but he too, runs for his life out there.
I like to compare our offence to touch football. Hike the ball, quarterback starts running and throws to a (hopefully) open man who (hopefully) catches the ball.
Let’s see how Porter does tonight.

but he does it way more effectively.

You realize that these are all perfectly good excuses right. Odds makers take these things into account when they set the point spreads and such.

As for the travelling, it's not like the Cats went to BC on Wednesday to adapt to the Pacific time zone. They probably left Friday, maybe Thursday to go to Vancouver. A rookie QB is always a legit excuse because no matter how many snaps he takes in practice, games are much different. Especially when you consider that this is Porter's first start as a pro. This isn't college ball. Onto to Kenton Keith. What happens if he runs left on a run play designed to the right? You don't think the fact that he's only been here a week would be the cause of that?

You're obviously a frustrated fan like the rest of us, but this is a process. We're not going to turn into Grey Cup contenders because the team signs some NFL cuts, fires a coach, or benches an overpaid QB. We're not a good team this year. That's why we're at the bottom of the standings. If you don't want to hear people's excuses then just don't read the forums because that's what happens after every loss. (It happens here after wins too.)

10 Sacks.

Receivers with a BAD case of the dropsies.

Too many penalties (CAVKA!!!!!)

Porter looked OK, but by no means a starter (yet)...