IF we lose Sunday

Which I highly doubt btw, this year to me proves why its important for a fan to stick with their team to the end. This year was really a 2 part year, the bad part and the good part. The season is not done after 5, 8 or even 10 games. If fans abandon a team, the team will notice and it will hurt them and the snowballing will get worse. Thankfully, Empire didn't totally empty and enough fans stayed around to make it loud which I am sure helped the Lions.

Good or bad, you have to support your team. Stick with them and you will be rewarded!

Very true Grims, great post :slight_smile: Lions fan to the end.

Totally agree Grim,
Its funny how many fans come on the fourm preaching doom and gloom when the teams wasn't doing well. Hey I've seen alot of good Lions teams and bad one but you always stick with your team. Unfortunately i wasn't able to go to any of the Home games this year. I'm hoping if Empire is still around for a half season i'll be able to see a game outdoors.
Either win or lose this Sunday, This team should be applauded for the turn around from 1-7 to 7-3.

I concur. :thup:

Hmm IF we lose Sunday... well I don't think we will so I would have posted this thread under a different subject. However that does not matter I don't think about it until game time. Already renewed my seasons tickets for next year, and Grey Cup.. Love the CFL, and the Lions are the best no matter what they never gave up..so either way they are winners to me!

WHEN you lose Sunday, moderator needs to correct the subject heading. I gotta admit I was surprised to see empty stands in the last home game. I agree you guys need fo keep supporting your team. Ask any Rider fan, it's not always easy to do what well worth it once the team turns things alone. To bad your season ends on Sunday, but don't lose faith for next year :rockin:

Hey Riderfan23, I gotta admit I was surprised when Chris Cuthbert said there were still 1,500 unsold tickets for the West Semi-Final. Are you guys going to be able to sell it out? :cowboy:

The surprise is that it did not sell out in an hour. But yes I'm sure it will be sold out. :cowboy:

What is the plan for you guys next year once you go back to the big stadium? I assume you guys sell less than 27,000 season tickets if Empire Stadium has empty seats. Going to 55,000 seats again will be strange I would think.

The last season at BC Place we averaged about 33k. Its way easier to get to, cheaper to park near and is closer to resturants/pubs for after the game which is appealing to more people.
It seems like the Lions will be at Empire again 'til the Grey Cup as most estimates put the completion of the room around the fall. Fine by me, I loved it at Empire this last season.

I assumed it would be ready for start of season 2011. I saw a GC there a long time ago, was fun. Don't lose the faith for next year.