If we have to lose

I'd rather lose with CHANG than Mass, at least he would be getting some valuable playing time. On the bright side if we let Mass keep playing he will kill off all our receivers one by one. Mass might be the only pro athlete besides Sheldon Souray that dreams of playing back in Edmonton. My prediction is he’s gone before the season is ends.

i agree

3 starts for maas and 3 losses and all 3 games he didnt finish

wat does that tell you?

obviously he is not playing well


and oh chang ASKED for the starting job and didnt get it and gets us 10 points in the 4th quarter and gets us back into the game and comes down to the last minute

i mean c'mon coach taafe u gotta start him next week

the bc defence will tear jason maas apart

and yea i am not saying that chang will get us a win against bc but i think if he plays the whole game.... he can keep us in it ( as long as our defence doesnt let the bc offence blow them out )

Doesn't matter who the General is. If the other soldiers can't pull up their socks, the battle is lost!

wel it seems as if the other ''soldiers'' play better with chang as the ''general''

Disagree with you, Jordan. Don't get me wrong; I like Timmy Chang. But, Maas played well tonight. Chang came out and was dynamite with the TD pass - but nothing spectacular after that.

The reality is that with Chang starting at QB, you're really not going to see a better team.

So what you're saying is that the other players purposely play below their ability when Maas is in the game. Wow.

Call me old school , but it's hard for me to get too excited about a roster chock full of game-throwers.

chang comes in and throws a 81 yard td pass.... hold on keep reading

then drives down the field and then throws a pass to an open thryon anderson on the ten yard line ( would have been a first down ) and then we settle for a field goal

if anderson doesnt drop that ball we got 1st and goal! from the ten yard line!

even with the field goal i will say this again

chang got 10 points in a quarter! and from wat i was watching i saw a better o-line when chang was in the game

and yea i no jason improved this week but 10 points in 3 quarters. we cant win like that

i just ask for one timmy chang start to see wat he can do during the duration of a 60 minute game

There is no question that the guy at the helm has a huge influence on the psyche of a team. I'm with Jordan, the team dfeinitely plays with more confidence when Chang is in the game. it's not that they are trying to throw the game when Maas is in there, it's just that they have lost confidence in Mass's abilities to lead the team and as a result they don't play as well. You can blame them if you want but it is critical to have confidence in your leader to perform at your best.
From what I have read I think the Maas supporters are, for some unknown reason, afraid to see Chang start for fear that their guy will lose the starting position forever. Why else would a Ticat supporter want to see their team continue to lose. For God's sake, give Chang a start. What in heaven's name do we have to lose?

yea.... i think this week would have been the best week to start him because we were against an 0-2 montreal team ( in hamilton )

now if he gets the start next week he is in BC against a 3-0 team

not too easy for a rookie QB

but as long as he can keep us in the game that should give himself some confidence

then hopefully he can get the win in winnipeg

Okay....I'm pretty sure it was a 71-yard TD pass, but what's 10 yards when you're trying to prove a point, right?

Can I write the rest of Chang's game story for you?

Then he goes 1-for-6 for 0 yards on the next three drives and the game is over.

Don't get me wrong.....I'm not hating on this kid. He is going to be good and we're lucky to have him....but you have to tell the whole story.