"IF" we have sign Lumsden, do we now trade Keith?

Please stop the insanity. I love Lumsden and I really wanted him to succeed and be the star hometown boy. He's dynamite when he's healthy but it's been four years. He has never finished a season. Kenton Keith average about 3 yards a carry last year. Don't throw away what we have, for what could've been, or what used to be. Caulley outperformed both of them last year. Why can we never see what we have right under our nose?

Keith isn't who he used to be. It's the same thing as with Printers, we'll keep reminiscing on what he did in the past waiting for the old version to reemerge. Well, maybe that ship has sailed. I say sure, sign Lumsden, but don't count on him as being the feature back. Caulley should get the start, and if MB isn't feeling nostalgic for the green and white Kenton Keith, I think we'll see Terry carrying the bulk of the load this season.

I like Keith and Caulley both, and I'm looking forward to seeing them compete at training camp. My guess is that Keith will solidify himself as the number one, but from what Caulley has shown the last few years, I'd be just as happy if he can prove he's better.