"IF" we have sign Lumsden, do we now trade Keith?

If the reports are true and Jesse is returning to the Hammer, do you think that Obie should now trade Kenton Keith?

I don’t think we should trade Keith as Lummer and him would make an awesome 1-2 punch. Sorry Caulley but these guys just are the next level of running back.

I agree, I think Smith or Caulley are the odd men out. Toronto and BC need backs, and we need some linemen still. However it looks now Lumsden is gonna sign in Edmonton.

I think you put Smith on kick off/punt returns and keep Caulley as backup or inserted for special plays. I wouldn't want to lose either of them.

Sorry guys I have to disagree. I think Keith was signed on the strength of his previous laurels. He looked a bit auspicious in his starts here. I think Caulley will be the the back Keith once was. As far as who stays! I think they will either cut or trade keith if Lumsden re-signed due to salary cap issues.

i agree completely

You give Keith a full training camp and I think you will see a big difference.

I think there is some value in Caulley and I wouldn't be opposed to trading him for a DE.

I see the backfield as Lumsden (IF he has signed), Keith and Smith.

I think the oddman out is Tre Smith. don't get me wrong the kid is a pretty good rb and returner. returners can be found (mind u we've had issues finding them but that a whole other matter) and we already have one if they want to use him in the name of Jo Jo Walker.

Don't forget Caulley blew his knee out last year.

Tre Smith is awesome, please don't let this guy go, no, no, would not be good.

Where are these reports of Jesse's rumoured re-signing coming from?

Sportsnet reported it last night and then quickly removed the story.

No we dont trade KK. With a full camp and new system he will be the "close to" every down back that we need. Jesse would get limited carries and designed plays (screens, sweeps, spell KK, etc.) and I would think thats the roll JL would be agreeing to should he come back.

I hope it happens but i still dont have my hopes up.

It depends on what we do with free agency.

If we sign Murphy, or another big ticket guy we could trade/cut KK and go with our stable of reasonably priced RBs Smith, Caulley, Lumsden and look to draft RB Lee.

If we do not add beyond Gauthier we can afford KK.

I think we keep both. Neither is an every down RB in my opinion and by all accounts we have the cap space (now that Murphy is gone to TO, there are no big $ free agents left for us to sign).

Most teams in the no fun league are platooning their RBs, it makes alot of sense, although the larger rosters down south make it more manageable.


If the NFL is such a No Fun league how come the Money is so much better?

Lapointe and Pringle coexisted very well in Montreal... Why do you guys keep wanting to trade talented players....damn its like watching a bunch of Martyrs...

Because they have far more TV revenue, and fill stadiums that are much larger than ours, at higher ticket prices.

Because Americans are far more numerous, and are much more devoted to their brand of football than Canadians are to ours with the exception of a relatively small number of diehard CFL followers. Football in the USA is like NHL hockey is here in terms of fan support. There are more people on the waiting list for season tickets for the Packers than IWS even holds!

And because they know how to market, while by and large the CFL (with the exception of our own owner) doesn't.

If we re-sign JL I still see Ticats keeping at least 2 American RB; last time I looked there were 4 listed on the roster.
And if we sign JL, I see Ticats keeping at least 2 Canadian RB behind him - probably Williams and Sadeghian unless Ticats draft and sign Jamal Lee; then it's a best 2 of 3, with my money on Sadeghian and the new JL.

Drafting a runing back would be extremely stupid. This draft has some formidable linemen on both sides of the ball. The top 5 players that should be on our draft radar are Simeon Rottier, Etienne Legare, Osi Ukwuoma, Matt Morencie and Tristan Black. Please don't take a running back.

I say trade anyone if we have depth at that position, and we need players at another position which that trade will take care of. These guys are assets to either help us win, or help us get other assets to help us win.