If We Had...

…drafted Kerry Joseph first overall in the Ottawa dispersal draft and traded Jason Maas instead to Saskatchewan do you think we would have been much better off than we are now?

Kerry is much more mobile and probably would be able to compensate for some of the other perceived weaknesses such as the O-line.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

its hard to say,I believe the team is playing bad as a whole.Dropped passes,bad coverage on receivers,no running game,I believe the whole team is to blame.

If my aunt had a d.... oh wait... family site... right...

point is, Kerry Joseph has never won anything, isn't all that young either, and is 3-3 in saskatchewan with an arguably better Oline and possibly better receivers and supposedly a better defense and running game.

From where I sit I would say 3-3 is a heck of a lot better than 1-6. In the CFL a team is only as good as it's QB and our record reflects it. In the NFL you can win without a QB - Baltimore won a Superbowl without one - but you cannot do it in the CFL.

Speaking of someone that was an Ottawa Renegades Season ticket holder...NO!!! We would not have been better off. He panicks under pressure and was on the whole frustrating to watch. I do not know if that was just a product of the Paopao offensive system but I am very happy he is not in Hamilton.

All that matters is results. Saskatchewan with Joseph will make the playoffs and once you make the playoffs in the CFL anything can happen. Hamilton with Maas will not make the playoffs. Mark this column for future reference.

yup, three and three would be a lot better, but if not for some bad luck and poor execution on some RECEIVER's parts, we could easily be 3-4 or even if you add in a little good luck 4-3.

If not for some lucky plays Saskatchewan could be in the same boat for us.

KJ is not a better QB, furthermore, we'd still be burdened with PaoPao. care to refresh my memory what KJ's record was under paopao in Ottawa? or better yet, what his playoff record was?

Brin this back up after we play the Riders and then see how well your argument stands.

They play them August 19th. Let’s see KJ and JM go mano-a-mano and see who the better man is. I’m betting Rider green reigns supreme that game and a week laster as well.

Espo - we’ll talk.

So are we judging this on who wins, or who has better stats? because if the riders win despite Joseph, and Maas goes 22-34 for 389 yards and loses a heartbreaker because of crap special teams, or a weak run defense, are you still going to claim victory?

(for the record, i said “after we play the riders” because it was deeper in the season and figured it would even out the records by then)

In the end nothing else matters but what team gets the W. However, KJ will win the QB battle and the Riders will win the game. The game won't be close but if for some strange reason it is and Maas plays well I will give him his dues for doing so. But that isn't going to happen anyways.