If We had Won by Seven

Not that it really matters but what would have happened if we had won by seven points?

Both the Cats and ALS would have won their games by 7. Based on all the talk of having to win by 8 or more I assume Montreal would have taken first - but based on what criteria - head to head with all eastern opponents or something else?

Thanks just wondering.

If two or more teams in the same division are equal in points, the following tiebreakers apply: [28]

1.If a third place team finishes in a tie with the fourth place team in the other division, the third place team automatically gets the playoff spot and there is no crossover.
2.Most wins in all games
3.Head to head winning percentage (matches won divided by all matches played)
4.Head to head points difference
5.Head to head points ratio
6.Tiebreakers 3–5 applied sequentially to all divisional games
7.Tiebreakers 4 and 5 applied sequentially to all league games
8.Coin toss