if we had signed barrin simpson, ...

...would we have made the playoffs? Or is this an oversimplification?

I know our offence stunk in 2006, but our D would have been much stronger with Simpson at MLB. He's singlehandedly kept Winnipeg in some close games this year that they probably would have lost otherwise.

Maybe our playoff fate was sealed on the first day of free agency when the Bombers convinced Simpson to sign in Winnipeg, and Ticat management failed to persuade Simpson to sign in Hamilton, even though they clearly wanted him? We were weak up the middle all year long, and had no real defensive leader, or "QB of the D."

i think barrin simpson woulda givin any team 3 more wins then they woulda had without him..winnipeg had 5 last year and 9 this year...i know thats more then 3, but i think u can't say it was ALL him...

so the tabbies woulda finished 7-11 instead of 4-14....still woulda missed the playoffs probably, but still closer to .500 and prolly better off next year.

( had the argos had him, they woulda stopped the run better and finished 13-5 )

just my take on things.

I belive that although Simpson is a very good MLB ,Winnepeg goes according to how Roberts and Stegall play . I may be wrong , but I dont think the Bombers have won a game this season that Stegall has missed .

Go Bombers Go !!!!!!

If we had secured Barrin Simpson, we’d definitely be a better football team and if your aunt had balls, she’d be your uncle.

well put.

Simpson would have been an improvement over what we had. and probably would have made our linebackers better just playing with him.

but there's nothing to do about that now...

however going back in time, i'm fairly sure if i was GM i would have nixed the Holmes trade, picked up Korey Banks in the waiver draft, and thrown a boatload of money at barrin simpson.

too late now though

Espo are you trying to say that Holmes cant help a football team ?? Nobody in the CFL is as good as this guy as far as being an all round player , He can play RB , he can return punts ( nobody hits the hole quicker on punts IMO) and he can line up in the slot . Hes a star and hell prove it next season .

I agree with Espo here, considering at the time of the Holmes deal, we already had a RB in Ranek, that was a proven star.

no, i'm just saying that having a backfeild with
Tay Cody,
Jason Goss,
Lawrence Gordon and
Korey Banks

might have given us a fighting chance of being more than 4-14. we know how this season ended up as it was. The offense was screwed with or without holmes (thanks again joe)

as much as i like holmes, and love the fact that hes signed here for three years. I would have rather won more games.

Hopefully next season i'm singing a different tune and Holmes is rushing for 1000+ yards and has twenty return touchdowns. lol

nothing against holmes, its just that we should have added to our Defense.

Simpson would have made the Ticats better if he could play QB.

Although Barrin Simpson is an outstanding MLB, there's no way he can single handedly win a team 3 or more games in a season.

And picked Fantuz in the draft. The other route we could have gone would have been to pick up Joseph and THEN trade him, though we'd probably have had the same deal unless we waited. Sask sure didn't seem to miss Corey, but would they have gotten desperate with Butler as their QB coming out of training camp?

It's hard to say what the true value of that trade will be... Holmes on a good team can be a difference maker, while he's more of a tease on a poor one.

Simpson would have been a great addition to the team. But with our offense, we still would have been hard pressed to get any more wins.

If we did, If we didnt, all that is all guessing right now but I tell you we better find another Barrin Simpson for next year!

A proven star? He had more than his chance to prove what a star he is, and he didn't. But he's rightfully gone now. I can't believe how Holmes was MISUSED this year - a major blooper. And he on the other hand DID prove to be the star he was hyped to be - the only one that did that on this team. Unfortunately he only played in about 4 or 5 games...unreal. Jesse or no Jesse, this is a mistake the Cats can't afford to make again!

As I said, Ranek WAS a proven star. He had played great his few years in Ottawa. He didn't play up to superstar expectations this year (partially due to injury).

Either way you tilt it, trading for an RB when we already had proven backfield talent was stupid. What did holmes do for us this year besides fumble? Should have drafted K. Banks, and that’s all there is to it.


The Cats traded for Holmes when we already had Ranek because they intended Holmes to only be a kick return specialist rather than a RB. That was a ridiculous error on Marshall and Paopao's part, seeing how Holmes is a much better RB than Ranek, and (more importantly), because of Erdman's (lack of)coaching, Holmes NEVER got any blocking when he returned kicks. So whenever Holmes was on the field, special-teams-wise instead of RB-wise (and that was most of the time) his talents were entirely wasted by the Ticat braintrust.

Holmes will be used properly next year. He is a great player and I'm glad he's a Ticat.

What did he do? Well, in the time he was used as a running back, he averaged 5.8 yards per carry. I'd say that's quite impressive. He didn't appear to do as much for us because he missed seven games, and when he did play, he was not utilized well at all. And that is one of the main reasons Joe Paopao is out of a job.

And perhaps I could once again mention why the trade was made for Holmes when we already had Ranek in the backfield. You have to rmemeber that when he was in Saskatchewan, there was another very talanted running back there named Kenton Keith. And consider how Holmes was utilized in Saskatchewan. He was on special teams, was a slotback on five receiver sets, and was a backup running back. So that what I have to say about the alleged stupidity on the part of those who brought him here. He could have been used in similar situations, but was not utilzed as often as he should have been. That was the problem.

Anyway, I suppose we could go on about what we should have done in the off-season and how it would have made a difference. It may be somewhat interesting to discuss, but I'm more interested in the upcoming off-season. Did you read the Montreal Gazette that said that with the SMS in place, the Alouettes may not be able to to re-sign Ben Cahoon and he could become a free agent. You can click here to read that article.

my comment wasn't meant as any disrespect to Holmes, just that our priorities should have lay elsewhere this past offseason.

(also... you can say Holmes was underutilized all you want... but we only had so many downs to work with... which happens when you dont make first downs all that often. little bit of chicken and the egg goin on there though...)

It’s not like the team was given a quota.

The coaching staff’s offensive (pun intended) game plan was still the major factor; the chickens laid the egg.