If we had made the 1st down...

Would the officials have found an excuse to make us run the play again?

Reminds me of that Olympic basketball game where the Russians were allowed to run the last 3 seconds of the game 3 times, until they finally scored the winning basket.

To favor the home team so blatantly... This game was an embarrassment to the CFL.

On the plus side, Calvillo actually did pretty well on that last drive.

On the minus side, 2nd game in a row where we sucked.

I was pissed too until I figured out what happened. The deal with that play is that there was a penalty against Montreal on Cobourne's touchdown that wasn't. Therefore if it had stood Montreal would have had the touchdown called back and faced 3rd and 6 instead of 3rd and 1. I think the call was BS and the play clock could have been adjusted afterwards without wiping a play that was already completed, but the call helped Montreal, not the other way around.

That's why Buono was so mad about it.

Cheers mate.

I'm a lot more pissed at Watkins. He needs to sit for a week or two. Let's see what Hawkins can do.

Kerry you showed much disrespect with your hot dogging. Very careless and selfish execution.

I personally think the penalty was gonna be against BC for offside.

The other thing I don't understand it... even if the clock was wrong, no one noticed it and the play was run. I've seen this happen many times. What they usually do is reset the clock AFTER the play that was run. They have NEVER rescinded the previous play. To me, this was a blatant move to please the home crowd. The CFL has been doing this for years. They don't want to send a crowd home unhappy. When we play in Montreal, we also get the benefit of one-sided officiating.