if we get the stadium, it should be named after Bob Young

This guy saved our Ticats, and has committed to run the team well into the future. I can't think of a better, more fitting honor for this Hamilton hero.

I agree but Bob is far too humble and I would guess he would want it to be named after Lancaster or another Cat great maybe.

Lancaster Stadium has a nice ring to it!

I'll chime in I guess.

I don't like any public facilty, building, road, body of water, bridge or otherwise to be named after a specific person living or dead.

For every person that gets something named after them, there are at least 10 people who were equally deserving.
how do you reject 9 of them?

that's why I already suggested the name of Pioneer Field (or stadium) because it is inclusive of all the pioneers both in the City of Hamilton past and present for various national and worldly achievements and also for the pioneering history of football in Hamilton. We hosted the first Grey Cup here for example and are the oldest football franchise in North America as I understand. and I read somewhere that we are the oldest professional sports franchise in the entire world.

Civic Stadium (II) << my choice

Or Honda Civic Stadium at (insert notable here) Field << that is the liklier formula. It is almost certain some naming rights funding will be pursued to recoup monies used to build the facility, particularly if it is a public facility. I use "Honda Civic" as an example here.

Oski Wee Wee,

It may end up simply being named Pan Am Stadium.

Hey if I win the $48,000,000.00 tonight, why not Mikefrmthhammer Stadium. :wink: :wink:


In all seriousness, Bob Young Stadium at Waterfront Park sounds good to me. :thup: :thup:

Whoever puts up the bucks for naming right wins
hands down over any sentimental favourite sons.

ok, i'll join in on the fun then after all.

how about -Cult Stadium- named for one of our most famous former residents who lived here for 5 years from 11-16 years of age and was probably a big Tiger-Cat fan at the time.--and probably still is at heart.

this is part of an interview with the lead singer of -The Cult-

[i]We’re going to start with a little background, so that the readers know where you came from.
Cool. Sure.

This is really more of a personal thing about why you do what you do and your passion for it.

Tell me your name.
[Laughs] My name is Ian Robert Astbury, also known as the “Wolf Child?.

Perfect. Where did you grow up?
I grew up in a town called Birkenhead, which is just across the river from Liverpool and Glasgow, Scotland.

Is Liverpool close to Glasgow?
It’s about 250 miles.

So you grew up between Liverpool and Glasgow?
And I spent five years in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It’s about 40 miles south of Toronto.

How old were you during that stint?
I immigrated to Canada when I was 11 and I came back to Scotland when I was 16.

Are you Scottish or English?
I’m half and half. My mother was a Scot. My father was English. There’s some Irish and Welsh in the mix. I’m definitely a Celtic kid.[/i]


This a -Jimmy Kimmel Live- appearance fairly recently doing their famous song -She Sells Sanctuary-

Ian Astbury is the lead singer of course and the face and voice of The Cult.

The quality of this video is excellent.


maybe The Cult can come here and perform at the opening cermonies?

Hate to be a "Love Removal Machine" here, but ...[BUZZER!] LOL :wink:

I do like the Cult invite to any opening ceremony, but I digress...

Oski Wee Wee,

that's funny oskieouioui

the Cult are great though. Ian Astbury reminds me of Jim Morrison a lot.

how about naming it after the -don't squeeze the charmin- guy then. he was born and bred in Hamilton.

or martin short


I am sure any opening ceremony christening the stadium with have the usual cavalcade of local stars. Perhaps we would be treated to a Jason Farr intro of "the Bounty guy," guaranteed to peeve the Charmined in the audience. LOL


Ed Grimley exorcising the football demons, I must say! :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Steel Town Stadium, sounds the good to me. :thup: :slight_smile:

Well, Bob Young has been cool to the notion that Hamilton is Steeltown today in past ruminations.

Again, I don't see how a new stadium gets built largely with public money in this economic climate and doesn't have naming rights purchased for it to partially recoup that expenditure.

That being said, I think the idea it would be kept as "Pan-Am Stadium: would be a possibility as expressed earlier is a valid one. Stranger things have happened.

Oski Wee Wee,

Join us at "The Bob" for football and beer. :thup:

How about "The Hammer"? :slight_smile:

The Lair. :wink:

Veteran’s Stadium at Pan Am Park.

This facility is going to be twinned with other Pan Am venues.

I like the tribute to our Veterans. I don’t think there is another in this country…so why not?

Pffft....it'll have some lame corporate name on it. Probably and acronym -- or a dot com -- just to bleach any creativity and significance from it.

if having a corporate name on it (which it most assuredly would) saves a few tax dollars on my property tax bill, i can live with that!

Waterfront Stadium - that would conjure up a positive (and maybe confusing) image of our city for all of the fine folk from Melfort, SK or Duncan, BC or the South Mountain who don't realize that we're a nice waterfront city. Hell, call it that even if you build the thing at the end of runway 4, Mount Hope or at the top of the RHE.