if we don't trade Printers for Glenn, who do we trade?

What is Glenn worth to Obie?

I say McKay-Loescher, who has a big contract, and who has underperformed in Hamilton.

Obie is probably looking to replace McKay through FA anyway.

Not sure about that one; while I am no particular fan of McKay-Loescher, it usually is a questionable move to trade a starting Canadian for a backup American (assuming Glenn would not win the starter's job in Hamilton).

Frankly, since it would appear that Kelly has boxed himself in by publicly announcing he wants to trade Glenn, I would start off with a lowball offer, a draft pick or two, and see where it goes.

why would we trade anybody for him? do we really need him? if the peg doesnt get what they think is value he's gonna be released anyway,then if you want you can sign him to a new contract and bring him in. same goes with printers,why would any team give up value for a huge contract when in all probability he'll be free and clear anyway.

You're right. Never thought of it that way.

All very valid points, Bunni.

If Printers stays, then the Cats have Printers, Porter, Tafralis, and Williams (remember him?).

How Glenn would be an upgrade is questionable I suppose.

On the other hand, if Printers is released or traded, and Williams traded or released (I think it's pretty clear that Bellefeuille hasn't much use for him), then the team is left with Porter and Tafralis, so in that scenario Glenn becomes more attractive, if only for the experience value. But I still wouldn't offer a lot..................


That is all.

We don't need Glenn but if the trade goes down, I think it can help us out.

As I have said in previous posts, I think that our QBs will be Porter, Tafralis and a veteran back up. I thought it would be Crandall but I'll take Glenn over him.

I see Casey and Richie not on this team for the beginning of the season.

I think a veteran QB is what we are lacking. A guy who has been to the top of the hill. A guy who has had success for more than 1 season.

If we can get Glenn down to under 200,000, then I think the deal is good. Casey has shown nothing here in a year and a half. He's overpaid and could use his money on some linemen. Casey needs to go to a different situation where there is no pressure on him. I think Montreal is a perfect fit if Calvillo comes back.

Casey's not stupid, well I hope he's not, and knows that if the Cats can't trade him, they will cut him. I don't think that he will take a paycut, again, I might be wrong. Printers is a backup and should get about 150,000 / year.

Hamilton and Winnipeg should execute a sign and trade. They get each player to take a paycut, sign them to new deals and then trade them for each other.

Does Casey really want to come back to the Cats where he has a GM who is trying to trade you? A coach who likes Porter better?

Obilovich.............................. see the Morano trade !!!!

....Mike Kelly has stated yesterday, to the Wpg. media, he is NOT interested in Casey Printers...He wished the guy well ...but he won't be coming to the Peg....as for Glenn going anywhere....Tarranna is apparently interested.....This could end up in a bidding war?????? :lol: :lol:

I say, let's trade the rights to defensive end Corey Mace :twisted: .

Just kidding, but with this club's history of making deals they'll probably trade Prechae Rodriguez.