If we don't make the play-offs!

If we don't make the play-offs! We can not blame Porter, as bad as he played he did not put him in at QB. The blame goes to Marcel, everyone who knows anything about football could see Glen should of started after the last Toronto game period. Like I said before it reminds me of the last days of Lancaster/McManus everyone knew we needed a change at QB but Ronnie.

Its both of there faults. Its not Porters fault that he is in there playing, but if he cant preform he needs to take the blame, he is a professional athlete getting paid to play. Saying that Marcel should be on the hook for this and i think he should lose his job if we dont make the playoffs. We should have wrapped up a home playoff date a wile ago.

So whos fault is it that we are a better team right now then we have been in years?

Give the blame and fault thing a rest already.

If they miss the playoffs, the lion's share of the blame goes to MB. He should've had Glenn in from 3-4 games ago when it was clear to even many of us fans that the offence was not moving under QP's leadership and that QP'd development had stalled. Glenn could've used those games to get into a real groove going into the last part of the season leading up to the playoffs and even a .500 split would've put them beyond the Blue Bummer's reach. So yup, if they fall out of the playoffs, I say fingers can be pointed at MB.

An Argo-Cat fan

whos fault is it?
we cant be much worse than we have been in the past few years. I dont get how you think that if we miss the playoff thats fine? :roll: ... its not we had a real chance to compete to be the second best team in the cfl this year and were blowing it.

MB knows that he stuck with Porter too long. You can see it all over his face when he's interviewed after each late season loss. But we can still make the playoffs with Glenn, then anything can happen. I hope everything works out for MB, because he is a good coach, and I'd like to see him build this program for many years to come.

MB knows that he stuck with Porter too long.

No question, absolutely no question. KG is our starter from hereonin and comes to training camp as such barring disaster the rest of the season.

Even though I have probably been one of the most vocal here condemning Marcel, I agree with you entirely. I don't think Marcel should be fired if we don't make the playoffs, but I hope he learned a lot from this experiment: it wasn't good for the team, it wasn't even good for Porter.
I do hope the Cats sew up second place so that none of this comes back on Marcel and it all works out in the end for both the Ticats and the coach. Although I have been nasty toward him at times, I think he has the potential to be a decent coach.

Only in Hamilton do you see people getting there "who to blame" warmed up. Come back and whine in three weeks "IF" they don't make the play-offs.

Who do we Congratulate "IF" they do make the play-offs. The same damn people! But I guess most of you are only happy when you're miserable.

Go Cats

I said during the first week of the season on this board that Glenn should be the starter, and i said what if they miss the playoffs what would have been if Glenn was the starter, seems like they are in that position now, they have pushed Porter to hard he will be a decent QB give him 2 more years. Hamilton Organization screwed it up this year.

MB and the team handed in the best Ti-Cats season in many years...and it still isn't over. Looking at the various match-ups over the next 3 weeks, I'm expecting to watch the Ti-Cats in the play offs. Playoffs or not, there's more to be happy about than worried about blaming anyone for.

Sorry I have to disagree. If the Ticats were only marginally better this season I would agree with you, But I think OB went out and improved this team considerably. That in combination with Toronto and Winnipeg dropping off the face of the earth (at least early in the season) meant the Ticats should have easily taken second place in the East this season. It has not turned out that way, although it still may. That is what is so frustrating and that is why there should be blame if the Cats don't make it.
Here's hoping they will... :rockin:

I hope the cats make it, only team in the east that could beat the Als

I've actually seen several references in this thread to the word "team"

There are still those who believe that football is a "team" game

Blame, like credit, is shared among many

(If you need proof, just ask yourself: how many names get engraved onto the Grey Cup each year?)

So what if Marcel's fast tracking experiment
with Quinton Porter went on a little too long.

Hasn't the roller coaster ride we have been on this year
been more exciting than coasting to the # 2 spot, folks?

I have enjoyed 'white knuckling it' through the ups and downs
and it's going to be a heck of a ride the rest of the season.

We're definitely a better team this year in quite a few years and thank goodness both the Argos are worse and the Bombers about the same as us, no legitimate no. 2 team in the east or we'd be toast by now.

The final game, against the WBB, will make or break our playoff hopes.

re-Lancaster/McManus everyone knew we needed a change at QB but Ronnie. Fair enouph , So why did Greg Marshall Take the blame.


Yet another idiotic cheap shot at Lancaster. Did he urinate in your breakfast cereal of choice?

OB has to shoulder some if not most of the blame. He determines if the team is rebuilding or competing. I think that there was some flipping and flopping along the way. We heard from the start they were rebuilding and then all of a sudden the Cats see that they may have a chance at a playoff spot. I look forward to the final game of the season meaning something and hope the Cats play like they can.