If we can't complain about the Grey Cup half-time act yet...

... we can at least whine about the choice of Cory Monteith for parade marshal.



  1. He's Canadian and began his acting career in the same city as the Grey Cup is being held this year.
  2. He's popular among people who might not otherwise be interested in football.
  3. The character he plays on TV is a quarterback.


  1. The TV show he plays a quarterback on is Glee, which means that
  2. he's probably not that popular among people who are interested in football.

Thanks for telling me who he was. I had no clue. I don't really care about parade marshals anyway so let the fellow wave, I suppose.

grey cup parade isnt what it used to be anyhow. I tend to forget they even do it anymore.

well when they had Elisha Cuthbert in Calgary that was kinda neat. I felt like Paparazzi taking her picture! hehe

I'd like to know why the organizers of the Grey Cup this year (BC Lions) are taking so long so to mail out tickets and sign/announce the Grey Cup half-time act. At this time last year I had my Grey Cup tickets in hand and I knew who the half-time act was.

Is there a reason for waiting so long to mail tickets? Is it to try and limit online scalping?

Are they having trouble booking a decent half-time act? Or are they waiting to see if the Lions host a playoff home game and they wait to accounce it during the playoff home game? Nickelback has their new album coming out on November 22nd. Performing at half-time during Grey Cup would be a great way to promote their new album.

Maybe it's Justin Beiber and they're delaying announcing it as long as possible in order to limit the time for hate mail to get to them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that the ticket delay was due to the possibility of a strike at BC Place. Now that a tentative agreement has been reached I suspect tickets will be in the mail shortly (or already are).

I'll also suggest that some of the other delays were also due to the potential of a strike... the organizing committee appeared to have a lot more questions than answers there for a while.

Ah, interesting. I think you might be right. I forgot about the strike.

Is it too early for the annual "Stompin Tom Connors" for half time entertainment movement. :cowboy:

It's never to early for "Stompin Tom Connors"

As long as its not Burton Cummings. Sure it'll be lame non the less.

Just a hunch, but I think it'll be a fairly big name act appearing. First, Vancouver's a fairly large CFL market that wants to put on a big, memorable, "raise the bar" Grey Cup. Second, entertainment mogul and uber agent Bruce Allen is on the Grey Cup committee. His office phone's speed dial reaches far and wide, and he has quite a lot of influence.

I'd be surprised if we see someone dredged up from the Grey Cup half-time show recyclotron of years past.

Maybe it's someone like the Eagles

Put them back in the recyclotron where they belong. If I hear Hotel California one more time I’m going to destroy whatever device it is emanating from.

BTO was the best halftime show ever. Shania Twain was not bad either.

In the future it should just go back and forth between BTO and The Guess Who

I had a problem getting my tickets for the cup in Edmonton too, but a call to the box office got me all fixed up in no time.

Just opinion, but for me, they weren't close to Trooper. By the way, do you mean BTO or Bachman Turner?

Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson! don't have to worry about a costume malfunction unless their toques and gloves fall off... hahaha

I bet it’ll be a local band. Didn’t Theory of a Dead Man play the last time it was in Vancouver?

Theary of a Dead Band? oh please no.

no generic Rock bands please.

they can get “Hooray for Everything!”