if u could only keep one RB, who would it be?

if, next season, the argos decide to keep only 1 high priced import RB, who would u keep?

John Avery
Robert Edwards
Troy Davis

personally, id keep Davis. he's the better blocker, hes had more 1000 yard seasons ( more consistant ), and is rarely, if ever, injured ( unlike edwards and avery ).

Robert Edwards


Edwards, why?

Because he's the best one.

I think I'd have to go with Davis, too. Avery is also consistent, but it's a mediocre consistency.

Edwards doesn't have that much experience and he's the oldest one. Not much left in his career probably.

Davis on the other hand is a tough, consistent back with a lot more experience.

it doesn't matter all of your rb's suck crap as to the bombers we have two running backs that actually can get a yard

You must be new to the game, if you call Robert Edwards, Troy Davis and John Avery crap...

These guys, at one time, were the best RBs in the league.

edwards fumbled in the playoffs again, as he does every year.

avery can only get 20 yards a game.

troy is the way to go for '08

What would you think if the Argos tried to acquire Joffrey Reynolds from Calgary? I think he is unhappy there & they have depth in the posistion.

I think he is younger than 30 as well.

Reynolds would be an upgrade at RB. I wonder what it would take?

As for the three incumbents, I really don’t want any but if I had to choose one, it’d be Davis.

An Argo-Cat fan

Yes, they were ONCE the best RBs in the league. But not now. So there's no argument there.

If you ask me, you guys have constantly screwed over Avery for the past 3 seasons. I honestly don't know why he puts up with it.

A few years ago everyone was looking for the Charles Roberts clone. Now with the success of Joe Smith the trend is to find a big back with some speed. We see this already in Reynolds, Cates and Payton.
So I think we will see the Argos try and go the same route. Edwards is the closest to a big back that they have, don't know if he can still perform at a high level. Avery and Davis were good but their time has passed.

I'd keep Edwards... love his size... we do need a more, how you say, youthful RB though.