If Travis Lulay goes down...

If Travis Lulay goes down due to injury will Jarious Jackson and Mike Reilly be enough to keep things together for the Lions or will this sensational ride be over? I've not seen enough of Mike Reilly to comment on his ability but the Lions are at a critical time of the season. There would be a lot of pressure on Reilly at this time of the year if he found himself suddenly at the controls. Jarious Jackson is passionate about the sport, is definitely a team player and well respected but he can be hot and cold. He has a very strong arm but when he's off he's way off. He has playoff experience and can be very good.

Travis is not immune to injury and has been taken out of the game because of injuries in the past. What are your thoughts guys? Do you think Jackson and Reilly will be able to pull it off if Lulay goes down with an injury?

Quality of backup quarterbacks is uncertain because backups haven't played much in regular games unlike previous seasons. But in the preseason, Reilly was impressive. Lulay appears less likely to be injured than past quarterbacks because of 3 reasons. Best offensive line in years. Quickness in throwing ball to avoid sacks. Elusiveness in running away from defenders to gain time for receivers.

That is a scary thought beaglehound, and I hope he can stay healthy, but we do have a really good receiving corps... and thirdperson, you make a good point about the offensive line's great improvement, (thanks to Dan Dorazio woot). Do you think Reilly or Jackson get some play time in the last few games of the season?

I hope you didn't jinx him.

Playing time for Jackson and Reilly? Possibly but not as long as1st place or second place are on the line.

I think if any starting QB goes down in the CFl (or really any level) the team will have problems. Having said that I believe in not holding back and let the cards lie the way they end up. At this point getting home playoff advantage exceeds giving back ups a few reps( unless a game is totally out of hand). FULL THROTTLE!!

....we would be screwed!

aww i thought 5440 would say "i i hi hi believe in Jarious"

Like I Said hope you didn't jinx him