If this was a for real event

I would sure like to know what idiots are responsible

Prep football game called at halftime after ugly annihilation (thecomeback.com)

What was that Toronto team thinking?

free trip to Florida's sun and fun

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I guess you would call that one of life's learning experiences (hoping the organizers learned something, I presume).

at least they could have asked them to play Canadian Rules. Then it might have taken 3/4 to get to 90 - 0

Reason any kid attends West Toronto Prep is that school claims they will play against the best American teams. West Toronto plays no games using Canadian rules nor against Canadian schools.

Anyway, players there seem larger than the a typical high school. Makes me wonder how old their kids are.

As for the game itself, I nominate these as the most memorable moments.

Play #1

Play #2