If this kid knows.....

CBC Newsworld had a kid on this morning who was around 10-12 years old. They called him a
"( Blue team) superfan" and he was giving his thoughts on the team and the Grey Cup.
When Heather Hiscox asked him what he thought of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats....he said they were "too inconsistent and although they had some good players, some other players and coaches were not very good."
Hmmm. If a kid this age has it all figured out maybe we should send the interview to the Tiger-Cats management to let them know what needs to be done! :slight_smile:

Reminds me of a coach once when I asked him how to run faster. He said something like "well, just move your legs faster". :wink:

Out of the mouths of babes......

I think they already know!

Say it George, say it!

That's right, and don't you forget it...

People still watch the CBC??

I don't care what anybody says, thats cool!

When I was 12, my classmates thought I was strange because I was 1000% consumed with the Tiger Cats and I wore my 1998 ED Championship Baseball cap that was autographed by Joe Montford every day for about 4 years! This kid gives me some hope about our youngest generation! :smiley:

LOL me too. Everyone thought I was crazy for loving the CFL so much. Some people still do.

My oldest daughter is a big disappointment to me lol. She hates football. I have groomed the little one and now she loves it. She hates the Blue team and also the Riders (due to the antics of some very obnoxious fans at a game she was at). Jeff Robertshaw (formerly of the Als) was a student teacher in her class and he gave her a ticat banner at their CFL day because of all the CFL answers she knew. It was my proudest moment as a parent so far :wink: