If there is an NFL Lockout...

a Contact if signed is Still Valid But with Could be challenged in Court

But that would cutting off your Head to save to your face'

Do Really Risk going to back to CFL or Coming to CFL and be black listed
Cause it dose Happen

I apologize if i offended anyone, it wasn't my intention at all....lol, maybe im just too aggresive?

It's all good.

The NFL may be in a lockout at the moment... but there's no way that it's going to interupt the start of the season.

What players don't realize is that they are EASILY replaced.

The NFL could replace every single player currently signed... the first few seasons would create a sub-par league...

But with all the NCAA grads, etc...

The league will be back to the exact same talent level within 5-10 seasons.

My guess is Fantuz types will sit around and wait for a year or two and collect basically nothing for their chance to "prove" themselves for the big time NFL money at whatever point even if nothing is guarranteed. It's their chance at fame and fortune to "make it". But hopefully the Riders, if he did burn his bridges here, and I don't think he did, but if he did with them, will welcome him back at half his salary then what is would have made had he stayed and work him like he basically has to start over, and if he doesn't like it, tell him to take a hike.

They will settle though, the players know they are making great money compaed with other leagues playing just 16 games a year. They should be so lucky playing so few games for the money they can make, despite the average football career at just around 4 yrs.

Let us all take some time to think about the predicament of the poor, oppressed, millionaire NFL players. They are among the many groups of workers struggling to keep their heads above water in today's new economic reality. Their plight is much like the public sector workers of Wisconsin, whose state government employer has arbitrarily decided to bust the unions permanently. Well, except for the part about most NFL players being wealthy beyond the wildest dreams of people like those public sector workers.

I do feel bad for the players. Don't people realize that these millionaires have a family to raise? How are they suppsed to live without diamond studded soothers for their kids?

To quote one parts From Replacements


If you haven't heard, the players'
strike became official at nine
p.m. eastern time. We go live
now to Dwight Edwards in the
Washington locker room for a
reaction from the players. Dwight?

A handsome former wide receiver and now TBS Sports
reporter, DWIGHT EDWARDS, stands before quarterback Eddie

Eddie, there's a lot of angry fans
out there tonight who feel that
the players are being too greedy
in their demands. Anything you'd
like to say to that?

Look, I know that five million a
year sounds like a lot of money.
But I gotta pay ten percent to my
agent, five percent to my lawyer,
plus alimony, child support --

A huge defensive end, WILSON, sticks his head in as he
walks by.WILSON

You got any idea what insurance on
a Ferrari costs, mother-- -- !
The CAMERA wisely CUTS BACK TO our announcers.

NFL Players Are Spoiled That whole theme of this movie ..
Players in Arena CFL and UFL are Just happy to making a living ..

It seems that many posters feel the NFL players are greedy to pursue more money.

Thousands of union employees in this city have always tried to get the best contract
that they can and none of them ever had a sufficient nest egg to risk a year's lost salary

so why should the players, NFL employees, not try to get the best contract they can?

The job they work at generates gazillions of dollars for their employers, the NFL.

The owners need these players to keep the "religion" of NFL football alive, not "scabs"

These player keep the individual franchise's value rising toward the ionosphere.

Player advisers know the owners make their real money when they sell their team

and the owners could take a hit of one year's lost revenue but, the advisers know
the owners are greedy enough to not want to take a financial loss of that much.

I hope the players, owners and fans don't lose a season because of this
but this is the way it is supposed to be when an impasse like this occurs.

The clock is ticking and serious negotiations will soon be underway.


The career these pro athletes chose lead to extraordinary rewards
but theirs is a very short career and their job wasn't handed to them

nor were they more privilege than the rest of us.

They have what they have because they're uniquely talented
and worked damned hard at it for their whole lives to get it.


I think there are several emotions at play here rather than logic
which cause the negative opinions of what the players are doing.

Some people will always be in jobs that pay much more than what I earned
and since I haven't walked a mile in the people holding those job's shoes,

whether it's a public servant earning $100,000 a year or an NFL player

earning 10's of millions of dollars, out of respect I let it pass.

Personally.. I could NOT care any less if the NFL ever played another game.... they are 2 sides that make so much money that the other side wants some more........ sickens me completely.....

Players.... waaaaaaaaaa I only made 80 mil over my career (my perceived short career)
Owners...waaaaaaaaaaaaa I only made 1.9 billion off my investment

Shaddup already!!

As soon as I'm done vomiting I will return you to your regularly scheduled programming!!

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That's all very "zen" of you Ron.

Why shouldn't we all try to grab the most cash we can?

Why shouldn't hedge fund managers take home $500 million in a good year, and then complain about being over-regulated?

Why shouldn't the super-rich fund political parties to ensure they get the tax breaks they need to make them even richer, even if it puts vital social programs in jeopardy?

Why shouldn't strongman dictators who have siphoned a billion dollars out of their countries' treasuries hold on for a second billion?

To "heck" with the poor, the citizens, the fans (many of whom can no longer afford tickets). This is about me. It's about getting the most money I can, even if I already have enough to live out my days in luxury.

Obviously the examples I'm naming have different moral implications, but they all have greed in common. As do the NFL owners, no doubt. Perhaps most of us would do the same thing in their shoes, but they certainly do not deserve one little bit of our sympathy. There are plenty of other candidates for that.

And by the way ... for blessing me with this championship win, I'd like to thank my lord and saviour (who apparently now cares more about sports scores than helping the poor).

^^^ so, uh... back to football....

If the NFL does lock out i really dont' see to much impact on the CFL, even if they miss the entire year.

entrenched starters won't come north, especially at what we can afford to pay them and will just wait out the lost year.

those guys that have signed, but not had a chance to earn a spot on an American roster, will wait, and wait, and wait, just in case the 2011 season is still played - just so they still get their chance.

Players that are drafted, will.... (you guessed it) wait, and train, and continue to persue an NFL contract.

and those players that are Free agents, well.... still have to be persuaded that coming north can be good for their career. all in all, I really don't see the NFL lockout having more than the most minimal effect on CFL roster. Maybe we'll get 1 or 2 more free agents then usual but i'd think that'll be about it. and that's only if the NFL is still locked out in June, when our training camp starts because well, most FA's will wait as long as they can to see if there is a resolution.


I'm not trying to attack your argument - it was more of a misplaced rant about society. I know you pointed out the differences between the average union employee and this player's union. And obviously, they have a legal right to negotiate what's best for themselves, etc. My problems are more with the moral side of things.

I just think it's all a little sad. A lot of these players came from very humble origins. I'd love to see them stand up as a group and fight for something beyond narrow self-interest. Here's some ideas:

  • Better pensions for the players who preceded them in decades past - the ones who are at least equally responsible for the popularity of the game today - but retired before salaries skyrocketed.
  • Research into brain injuries from sport.
  • Making the game more accessible to fans. Perhaps by reserving blocks of tickets for those who can't afford it.
  • Funding scholarship programs so that others have improved opportunities.
  • Athletic facilities and parks for kids - especially in underpriviledged areas. Maybe subsidised athletic equipment. Funding of amateur sports.

I know some of these things are already done, perhaps by players who organize it themselves. But imagine if the NFL channeled some of its vast wealth into these types of initiatives to make a real difference to some of its stakeholders. Instead, it seems the sole priority of everyone involved (players and owners) is to grab as much money for themselves as they possibly can.

This is actually part of why I like the CFL. It's real people playing the game because they love it, at prices most of us can afford.

I wonder if Jesse Lumsden will try to hook on with an NFL team...

I mean...

It's the perfect fit for him...

No games are being played!

Hey rusty, Jesse has a picture of himself playing an NFL game he can show to his kids along with his CFL pictures, of course, right Jesse. Ok, it was just an ex game but he has it to make himself feel like he made the big time as they say.

Guys lay off of jesse

Jesse's Injuries thwarted his attempts to make the NFL
and injuries have caused him to miss many CFL games.

IMO, the normal emotion to have towards anyone
who has faced so much adversity is sympathy.

Joking about him doesn't express that, quite the opposite.

I may be old-fashioned but...

I don't think it is funny to put down anyone who is
striving to succeed in their profession for any reason.

Oh ron, look, I have the utmost respect for him, I don't remember him ever dissing the CFL and I do have sympathy for his injury plight which has shortened his career whatever league. He's good in my books and yes, you strive to make the most money in your sport, er, highest level and the NFL is regarded as the highest football level, I get it.

All I ask anyone who competes to get a Grey Cup is that along with saying the NFL is their dream etc like Jesse has said and anyone else, that they also publically say it is also their dream to win the Grey Cup. Dream is the word. Don't think I've ever heard Jesse or Fantuz say that, or really, off the top of my head, any Canadian guy although correct me if I'm wrong.

And that is my problem if that pisses me off that a guy like Jesse didn't say that along with, as I say, his dream to play in the NFL. I would hope that if I was I did make the CFL that I would say this regardless if I have the NFL looking at me. The more people hear that coming from players, the more young people will understand just how great it is to win the national football championship trophy of the country they were born and raised in. The trophy deserves that respect from all Canadian football players IMHO regardless if they grew up in an "Americanized community" like Fantuz seemed to be so quick to point out publically. And if it isn't true, then maybe they shouldn't be playing in the CFL in the first play, just try for the NFL and if you can't make it, go find a job doing something else.