If there is an NFL Lockout...

If there is an NFL Lockout (there won't be)...

What happens to all the NCAA Grads?

Would players like Cam Newton start signing on to play in the CFL? (I can't stand Newton - FYI).

It would be very detrimental to young rookies coming into the league to take an entire year off and the UFL and their garbage schedule of 6-8 games and 5 teams can only sign so many players.


Would teams wants to sign these players? Do you really want a guy who is only coming to the league because there's nowhere else to go and is only willing to sign for 1 season?

IFY Bob dose not like SIgning guys to 1 year deals
The avg CFL Contact is 2 year + an Option
so I don't expect any Picks from round 1 to 3 Signing here if there a Strike

4th 5th 6 and 7th and Free Agents very Possible..

The draft will still take place, so whoever gets drafted by NFL teams won't be able to leave them to come play in the CFL.

jordon02 is right about the draft going ahead. The players that will be effected are the ones that are not drafted. Under the present CBA if there is a lockout/strike teams are not allowed to even contact undrafted players, so they will be left in limbo. A few might decide to try the CFL because of that and the fact they will be in double competition with the players not drafted in next years draft.

"Whoever gets drafted by NFL teams won't be able to leave them to come play in the CFL" Totally false! A player drafted by a team is not a signed player; until the player is signed, he can sign with any team/league other than the NFL.

CFL drafted players have signed with NFL teams as have NFL drafted players signed with CFL teams.

If there is a lockout, players can be drafted but cannot be signed; furthermore, no undrafted players,hence free agents, can sign with a NFL team.


That not true.. as long don't sign a Contact there Still Free Agents in the CFL.
Unless they are on a Neg list . Then they have to sign with team that has there rights.

also without CBA The NFL Team can;t sign anyone ..

There going to be a Lock out Trust me .. They so far Apart it's not funny

Owner want 18 Game Season

Players don't

Plus there Apart on Money by 2 Billion Dollars

[url=http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d81eb6e46/article/union-decertifies-after-failing-to-reach-labor-deal-with-league?module=breaking_news]http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d8 ... aking_news[/url]

Funny thing is, now that news of a lockout is coming out, i've been checking boards and not one has yet mentioned they'd watch CFL till NFL's back on.I've heard NCAA, UFL and high school or not at all.

The Former Players union has Filled in Injunction to stop the NFl From Locking out players

first of all, if you think any player drafter by the NFL this year is going to play in the CFL your nuts. Even if it is permitted, which I strongly doubt...hence the termed used by the NFL as players in limbo, players wont risk the chance of getting injured. Not only that, even if there is a delay to start the season (which I doubt there will be) it wont be a full season lost...and if a player was to play in the CFL they would have to sign a 1 year contract that wouldn't be over till mid febuary. So players will not risk signing in the CFL only to see the NFL reach an agreement and still have some sort of season and them not being able to take part because of the obligations to the CFL club.

Look at players that left the CFL to sign with the NFL full knowing a labor battle was brewing....its the chance/sacrifice they make in order to have a chance at making it in the NFL. Furthermore, if the injunction is successful, that means there is still football and football activity and the league will basically make up the "rules of engagement" until a CBA is agreed upon...which is why most legal experts are predicting that either way, if they are locked out or not....a CBA WILL be agreed upon by the latest....late august early September.

Also, it was announced today by the NFL that it is agreeing to forget about the 18 game schedule for a minimum of 2 years/seasons and even after that, they agreed that they wouldn't go ahead with an 18 game schedule unless it was agreed upon by the union at that time.

Good post by cooler51, although, you seem like you're trying to call people "stupid". Lets remember that everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions.

I agree with what you wrote though. Makes sense.

I don't think a lockout will take place. There's WAY too much money at stake for all parties involved.


I'm not really worried that American's say that if there were a lockout they'd switch over to watching the UFL. Let them. We are doing just fine. We all know that the UFL can't shine the CFL's boots. Let the UFL take the over the hill NFL scraps and Can't-Make-The-CFL rookies.

I don't know anything but what cooler says seems to make sense.

In terms of the players not agreeing to an 18 game schedule and remaining with the current slew of ex games, I think I would cancel my seasons and go for a 5 game type flexpack. No way would I want to be forced to pay for any more than 1 ex game. I'm just not an ex game fan in terms of being forced to pay for games that don't mean much. Ok, call me not as much of a fan but that's just me, I don't mind paying for seasons which I have for quite a few years, 1 ex game.

You have remember what a Crap shoot a draft is ...
You can take a Guy 1st or 2nd Overall and He could be a Bust
Ryan Leaf or Jamarcus Russell are Examples of this
By The wauy Ticats have Russell CFL Rights
last time I Heard he was on our Neg list.

Getting back on Topic.
Most of 4th 5 6 7 Round players don't stay in the NFL Long Most are cut durring or after Camp
some make a it year or two Practice on a nfl roster
only to be cut to come here
so what cut out the middle man

Owners have lock out Players as Of Today

[url=http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d81eb6e46/article/league-locks-out-players-whose-union-decertified?module=HP_headlines]http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d8 ... _headlines[/url]

WASHINGTON -- NFL labor talks broke down Friday, just hours before the collective bargaining agreement was set to expire, as the union rejected a proposal from the league, then decertified, and 10 players, including MVP quarterbacks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, sued the owners in federal court.

In response, the NFL imposed a lockout of players, starting at midnight ET, after the CBA officially expired. The league confirmed the lockout in a statement Saturday morning.

The players went to court to request an injunction to block such a move by the league.

The NFL and Former NFLPA Need to take Lesson from Little Brother CFL and CFLPA

who cares about the NFL the CFL is alive and well NFL CAN GO TO HELL :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: Lock the over payed bums out its a boring game to watch anywyas

I like all Versions of our Game
CFL NFL UFL Collage Even Arena
CFL will be Fav.
But When your football Junkie it what you do

I love all forms of football as well...

But the NFL gets on my nerves at times. The production is more like a Hollywood movie whereas the CFL is right down there in a more "personal" feel. Watching the NFL makes me sick at times. Boring games played by over paid criminals.

My preference for football goes...

Big Gap
UFL (even though I know it's a junk league and is going to fold soon)
small Gap

I'm not interested in opening the endless debate as to which football is better and which is whoever's favourite.

I'm curious though, now that the NFLPA has 'decertified' as a union and is now a trade association, does this mean that former CFLers who've signed this offseason or any NFLers under contract for that matter can now sign in Canada? Like this isn't technically a labour dispute any more is it?