If the Ticats were on the TSX would you invest!

With a recession looming and A/M Dofasco and Us Steel bleeding with a recession looming would you buy TC stock " A" ! if it were sold on the TSX its going to be a very rough winter for every one :x I for one will be going for a flex pack next year with a show me attitude for Bob Young and company.....whats your take on this most losing franchise in pro sports today :rockin:


yes, cuz right now the cats would be a "penny" stock.

buy low, sell high!

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Dofasco A/M in big Trouble: BOB check these losses out: LAYOFFS,RESTRUCTURING???

London, Nov 1 (PTI) NRI steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal has suffered a USD 50 billion decline in the value of shares he holds in the ArcelorMittal following the global financial meltdown, a leading economic daily has claimed.
Mittal, who owns 45 per cent of the stock in ArcelorMittal, has seen the value of his personal shareholding fall since late June from USD 66 billion to USD 16 billion, The Financial Times claimed in an analysis of the effect of global financial crisis on the steel industry.

"When Mittal talks to investors and analysts next week, he is likely to come in for tough questioning about how much he will cut production in the next few months.

"He will also be asked to explain the status of the company's expansion programme, in particular two big plants being planned for India, which look likely to be scaled back," the report said.

Noting that Mittal, Chairman and Chief Executive of ArcelorMittal, next week faces the biggest test of his career, the report said "the Indian metals magnate will try to convince investors that his vision of the steel industry still has merit, in spite of the battering the sector has received amid the global financial crisis." When he presents the third-quarter results of ArcelorMittal on Wednesday from the company's imposing headquarters in the centre of Luxembourg, Mittal will do his best to put a "brave face on a 72 per cent decline in the share price of the world's biggest steelmaker over the past four months." PTI


YES! :thup:

They have sound management and a solid plan! :thup:

A bright future! :thup:

History is on the Ticats side that they will win a GC. :rockin:

The only way they can go is UP! :thup:

Feel free to bring this post back up in 12 months! :wink:

I'd definitely buy in if Bob made the Cats public. Look at Green Bay as an example of a fan/shareholder ownership. If there is a better value in the sports and entertainment sector than CFL football let me know.

No, because the ticats and argos are doomed for extinction sometime in the next five years when the evil Ted Rogers finally acquires an NFL team.

If I was the CFL commish, I would be working to get CFL teams in Ottawa and Quebec city, so the CFL can survive as a 8 team league with teams in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec city.

Oh…you caught that did you! :wink:

Maybe, just maybe we will get a chance at being a shareholder! :wink:

I feel like one already though…We’ve all invested quite a bit of time, passion and money in this team!

We will cash in next year…of that I’m quite confident! Now is not the time to be bailing on THIS TEAM.

And to be quite frank…in the spirit of Ticat fans and Ticat football…Hamilton fans don’t “bail” on their team! :wink:

The league is strong…things will improve and it will be somebody else’s turn to sit in the basement!

Sound Management and a solid plan??? Who?

Woody...the thread asks if you would buy Hamilton Tiger Cat stocks.

Yes, the only way they can go is up, because it's impossible to finish at the bottom for this long and go lower...and I don't mean 2-16 or 1-17.

hendy77...follow the thread here...lol.

the question is "If the Ticats were on the TSX, would you invest?

I answered that! YES!

Would you rather invest in a stock that has peaked and then sell when it's on the way down, or worse, solidify your loss by selling at the bottom?

If I could buy into the Ticats...I'd do it in a heartbeat! I'll guarantee you this...if we bought in today...Our stock would be worth more this time next year! :wink:

My response was meant to be tongue in cheek.

I hope you're correct about next year.

100% yes.

I would love to "own" a part of a pro team. Especially the 'Cats. The best part? It's the CFL.... they are bound to eventually turn things around. Buy low sell high baby!

It depends on whether I would get a discount on my tickets, and a discount on beer at the games.