If The Riders got a new name...

If the Riders got a new name what would you want?

the armpits cuz milt stegall said that sask is the armpit of the world

Green Meanies!

What kinda question is that? nothing wrong with Roughriders, especially since Ottawa has chaged.

and coming from me, the king of chage in the CFL.ca forum, that’s saying a lot.

I hope this is just a stupid joke.

only thing I see chageing about the Riders is IF Saskatoon gets a CFL team, then they would have to chage to the “Regina Roughriders”, but that is a long wat off, if that is in the future.

I funking agree. What a stupid question...

Thats a pretty big IF…Kanga…can’t see it happening, this century…

They wouldn't have to. Look at the NHL. The Tampa Bay Lightning and the Florida Panthers.

oh god, don't remind me, Florida should only have one NHL team, I say move the Panthers to Birmingham and chage the Lightning to the "Florida Clippers" (while the LA Clippers move to St. Louis and call them the Lightning)


I understand what you mean with moving the team, (I dont care if they stay or not) but why change all those names?

Cuz the Lightning need to be FLA's team, not just Tampa Bay.

Think about it, TB and Miami are the biggest cities in FLA, they should have one team carry the FLA name each (TB in the NHL, Miami in the MLB)

But why the name changes with the Clippers?

that's just my thing, I made a rule in my video games that if I chaged a team still active, I would try and save it's nickname either by keeping it when they relocate or giving it to another team.

They don't nesscarly have to do it this way, but it did make a odd conextion in the 2004 Staleny Cup finals.

a. there was a Master Card comesal with a pee wee hockey team called "the Clippers"!!! :shock:
b. the finals when to a 7th game for the 13 time in NHL history (13 is my favoite number), you times 13 by 2, you get 26 which is the number of my favoite Lightning player (TB is my "favoite" USA NHL team), Martin St. Louis :shock:
c. TB did the White Out, which started when Winnipeg did it, which was bitter sweet to see, and Kabibulian was the TB goalie, he was also the goalie for the Jets when they moved

it was a very freacky SC finals for me!


the only feasible change I could see is dropping the rough from roughriders, and simply be called the Riders.

MAybe the Rams could make the final jump to the CFL from CIS and then the new name could be that . The RAMS, you think that would go to MacCrystals head much?

I think they should change their name to Renegades...Just so we have two teams with the same name again! :twisted:

Sorry, I've been reading too many Kanga posts.....I'll tip toe quietly out of this forum now........

if the riders got a new name well the wouldnt be the riders and i wouldnt be able to call them something else

i think we should drop the whole name sask RR and simply call them 'the farm team.' it makes a solid reference to the role of agriculture in the province and makes it clear that they are not to be considered on the same level as the rest of the league.

okay i will apologize for offending all the rider fans right away so that people don’t get too excited, just some late week lame humour.

ok i was just gonna say get your ass outa this forum for that