if the NFL were to takeover the CFL...










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Please don't even joke about it.

I was raised on the NFL but don't let the NFL anywhere near the CFL. They would ruin a great game and League in no time!

I would rather the CFL die than for it to become the official minor league farm system of the NFL. My guess is 99 percent of the posters on this site totally agree.

I'm with Challenger 99.... This is one US citizen/resident who loves the CFL... I would hate to see the NFL in the CFL.... The NFL would be a better "game" if it adopted some CFL rules. Love the onside punt, and the fact that punters have to be accurate.... CFL is a better game as it is constituted and compared to the NFL. Looking forward to opening weekend.

We would lose control of our game and become like the AHL in Canada which has failed more markets in Canada than it has succeeded in here. Would be a disaster for the CFL unless the NFL took care of the massive losses as they did with NFL Europe until enough was enough.

Bottom line, the NFL needs to make the game much more worldwide but how they do that, I have no idea. While rugby doesn't have the economic impact of the NFL and gridiron, it's played in a lot more countries than American/Canadian gridiron. And haven't heard much about concussion issues with rugby.

Here is an interesting article on Rugby concussions. I'll let you evaluate and arrive at your own conclusion.


Thanks challenger for that article, very interesting read. Obviously I didn't have a clue about rugby and concussions. And obviously it's a problem as that article points out. This paragraph from the article speaks volumes and echoes gridiron football in many respects I think:

"The game has changed since I played. It's now a big commercial sport, so what's important is to get the spectators in, get the television in. They love the big hits.