If the NFL guaranteed this

Ok, and this is meant for fans who really like the CFL, ok to like the NFL also but you have to really like the CFL. My question is: if the NFL came with an offer to guarantee, no matter what, that all existing CFL franchises plus 2 more max, would survive financially guaranteed for a minimum 15 years due to the NFL operating the CFL somewhat like NFL Europe, would you want this with the stipulation that all the rules would be strictly NFL?


Not at all.

Ticats fans have too much time on their hands.

It was just a topic Third. Hey, I wouldn't want it either but if the league ever was to collapse, and god forbid this would happen now that it is on the upswing more, I would take this over having it collapse entirely. I want to be able to watch pro football in my home town, period.

not a chance


You kinda forgot to establish that question was part of an hypothetical situation, which would be :

  • to have our league transvestited by some foreign league that would make our squads farm teams


  • to have nothing

Of course, I would take something poor over nothing. But if anything can be done, I'd opt for anything else.

And I am not bashing the NFL by saying it would be something poor, but they would obviously not try to hype the "New CFL" as something as great as their league. Plus I am not fond of their rules.

The NFL coming in to play games in Canada is typical of what the U.S. does globally with all things American - they simply can't keep their noses out of everyone else's business and just don't get it that we don't all want to be Americans.

Remember the Roman Empire.

I think i would rather see the CFL die. This way at least there is hope for it to be revived, some day. If the NFL were to take it over and make it NFL rules NFL everything, the CFL would be gone forever. It would be a lot easier to revive a league rather then start a complete new one from scratch.

I understand your point in wanting football in your home town but i just find NFL rules boring. Wouldn't be good either way.

Ding,ding....We have a winner!!!!

Earl...why do you even bring this up??

The answwer is NO!!

The CFL is more American then you know. As the game evolved over the years it was the Americans who came up with the forward pass which the CFL eventually adopted. I find it funny how some people are so against change especially for the fear to be "Americanized" when the most influenctial rule change came from America. Whether you like it or not your already playing American football, just with some Canadian/English twists. Sorry, just the facts. Now anyone wanna go back to playing Rugby?

HAHAHA... well... if you remember... the CFL put teams in the states years ago.. we stuck our nose out there first...

we're talking about them playing ONE NFL game in Canada per year.. when we had 90 regular season and 4 playoff games over the course of 3 seasons played south of the border

Oh.. and to answer the original question...... NO
I'd rather see the CFL die a honorable death than watch this great game lose it's identity.