If the Lions Got the Tuchdown With One Second Left

Hypothetically, if the Lions scored on that last second play. What would you have wrote on this board about Burris? This is just a for fun thread, let ti loose what would your thoughts have been?

I came into this game cheering for Calgary but when that one second was on the clock and Buck was gonna hail mary it for a possible touchdown I was definitely rooting for him. It would have been absolutely epic. This board would still be talking about this well into the off season.

I would have laughed :lol: :lol: :lol: did you see the look on his face when he seen 1 second still on the clock, Burris still does not impress me in the playoffs and he showed it once again, Callvio is a smart QB this will decide who wins the cup next week, so i say Als win.

Ending up with 1 sec was a fluke and would likely never happen again. I'm sure Burris had the play called in to him , not entirely his fault. But guess what, he just became a little smarter.

Same here. That would’ve been awesome. As for Burris, he wasn’t overly impressive and he wasn’t terrible either. I don’t think my opinion of him in the playoff has changed because they won, nor would it have changed because they lost.

I dont think it was a fluke, After the timeout, they put one second back on the clock and Burris said in the post game intervieww that he didnt know about it.... He was not under any pressure when he threw the ball, holding on for 1 more second would not have been a big deal

I heard that Burris interview too. I was at the game and also heard the announcement to reset the game clock to 7 seconds.
I was more surprised at the play call. I figured Burris would have lined up in the shotgun, and run out the back of the end zone.

I thought the same thing. I'm glad Calgary won but with one second left, I couldn't help but root for Buck to pull that one out. It wasn't likely that he would throw a TD pass, but you never know, a pass interference call wasn't out of the question with all those guys in the endzone. Luckily for Henry it didn't cost him and he won't make that mistake ever again.

The dagger was already in my heart, then they went and twisted it with a little false hope. LOL

What a weird game overall. To end it like that....very strange. I actually felt a little sorry for Burris...what if??!! He probably would've never lived it down.