If the Grey Cup was one week later

So starting this Sunday at 12:01am, new COVID restrictions come into effect, including NO FOOD OR DRINK AT SPORTING EVENTS.

Could you imagine what a "Dry" Grey Cup would feel/look like?

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The CFL got lucky, though there's no doubt people that attended GC events had the new variant it's hard to imagine what the league would have done if the GC was forced to go to 50% capacity.

My bet is they would have pushed the time to midnight Sunday night.

I believe the CFL and Grey Cup were "accommodated". They held off on these new measures until it was in the books.

I do every year

If it was a dry Grey Cup maybe the Ticats would have partied less and won

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On the other hand, in unleashing yet another calamity upon us, what is the world trying to tell us about WPG winning the Grey Cup?

And this time it came much faster than last time. If they three-peat, I fear an asteroid will wipe us all out during the post-game celebrations.


Maybe we can adopt a new Scandinavian teenager to help us with our cause, Save the Planet, Stop the Bombers


Henceforth the 2021 Grey Cup shall be known as the 'Covid Cup'.

When the Asteroid hits and wipes us out after our 'three-peat' in 2022 it shall be known as 'AAAAAAAAAAAUGH!!!'

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Players weren't partying Only alumni were . Covid rules prevented them from clubbing/ partying

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If it were a dry Grey Cup maybe the Stampeders would've sobered up enough to a least be in the Cup instead of watching it from their couches .

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uh huh,,,, sure. And Justin Trudeau didn't spend last News Years in Turks & Caicos

I don't envy that teenager's quest. The only way to stop the Bombers would be to get all the nations of the world to cut back on our greatness. But even IF they all agreed to cut back... there's still China. They'll never stop talking about how great we are.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yes, imagine that. A Grey Cup attended only by those invested strictly in the game on the field of play.


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We might need the CIA to call in the UFO’s then.

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If the Grey Cup was one week later...

We'd still lose, what's your point?

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Some players are partying now weren't allowed to go to a club during season. They could only go to restaurants and other places like golfing/ entertainment venues with Teammates or family or there gf . I know multiple players personally and read the covid protocol rules .

It was the Pentagon that released the news of the ATIP program, not the alphabet agency

Although the outcome wasn’t to our liking, we got a special moment in time that Hamilton can look back at proudly. Be safe everyone.

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Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier. I had to adjust my aluminum tinfoil hat to moderate the greatness rays bouncing around in my head. They were beginning to fry my brain.

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Yes you are indeed correct. I need to go back and rewatch Ancient Aliens.