If the first regular season game can't be played!

As a season ticket holder, I agreed to pay the team a lot of money to watch 8 home games in 2014. So if the first regular season game can't be played at Tim Horton Field, then I request that the team honor my/our agreement and make the eastern playoff game if played here my 8th home game. 8)

Not sure I entirely understand your post , especially the 8 games part , I will give you my interpretation of the 2014 SSh tickets.........If you have purchased season seats (like you and I have) for the 2014 season you get 9 regular season games plus 1 playoff game paid for .

If there is no home playoff game (the 10th game) at THF then you will get a credit or refund .

Now, lets say two games are not played at THF because of construction delays , you will also get a refund or credit for those games as Mr. Gibson has publicly stated.

So ,in this scenario there would be 7 regular season games and maybe one playoff game that you have paid for with you season seat monies. The two missed regular season games plus the playoff game (if they do not make the playoff's, ) that money will be given back to you or be a credit , your choice.

So to summarize , you will get for a refund or credit if 3 of the 10 games are missed.

The team has already confirmed that a playoff game will be part of the season ticket deal, since the pre-season game isn't at THF. They also confirmed that for any games not played at THF because of delays in stadium completion, they will be offering a full refund.

Can't imagine anyone having an issue with any of that - trading a pre-season game for a playoff game is about as generous as it gets.

Sorry, just got back from down south the last 2 months. Read today's Spec article, but did not know about the adjustment the team did. :frowning:

If the first two Tiger Cat home games can't be played at Tim's, Rogers Centre could accommodate all the Cat seasons ticket holders. I know it's a dreadful place to watch football, but the Blue Jays leave on a road trip after playing the Red Sox on Thursday July 24th. This gives the crew at the RC almost two full days to do the baseball-to-football turnaround, since the REDBLACKS game is set for the evening of Saturday July 26th. Then, the Bombers are here for Thursday July 31st. Since I am a 12-year-old girl, I know One Direction is set for the RC on the next night; Friday August 1st. Seriously, I see a problem there. Can you set up a stage, lights, and speakers in one day? And the boys will need an afternoon rehearsal and sound check because they don't lip-sync. I know that because like I said, I'm a 12-year-old girl.

Aas a sth with the million a game the city will pay them I will go wherever they play the missed games but I think they should provide free transportation :cowboy:

The Tiger-Cats say they have made all preparations if the stadium is not completed in time by July 26th I'm sure it will be or pretty close to being completed, maybe landscaping and few estetic things that needs to be done but certainly can be accomplished while the team is playing and fans are in attendance.

What is with the Construction Cam on Tim Hortons Field it's been down now for some time at least a couple of weeks, say's no stream available? Maybe the Pan Am Games people in charges of building the stadium don't want fans to watch any delays going on at the stadium, maybe mounting criticism?

go to the construction cam thread for a workaround. (hint hint)