If the Esks Win Tonight.....

The West will finish 20 games ahead of the East....
26 wins Vs 46 wins!!!!!!!
An over all record of 26 and 6!!!!
Cats 0-8 Vs West!!!
Argos 1-7 Vs West!!!!!!
Bombers 2-6 Vs West!!!!!
Als 3-5 Vs West (pending)
I remember when I was a kid the CFL had an equalization draft where Eastern teams got to cherry pick Western players.... Might be time for another!!!
Don't forget all four crossovers in CFL history have been a Western team going East.

.it's offical....
East comes away with a .22 win percentage against West teams......pathetic

The Alouettes threw this game, to give the Esks confidence heading into next week's ESF. The Als don't want to face the Bombers in the Eastern Final... :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: