If the defense is out strength were screwed

LOL nice run defense we have. I mean how many missed or broken tackles did they have? I lost count. So much of Cory spending so much effort in improving our defense. How many pi calls did we have? Again I lost count.

Not very impressive. Hope that Durant's injury isn't as bad as they say it could be. Talk about bad luck Messam looked very good, strong and fast.

DD injury is not as serious as it appears to be, guaranteed. Still, the loss wasn't because of the loss of him. It was CC's pride and joy that left us hanging.


Hmm maybe his name was Alex P

Sounds familiar. :wink:

That being said, Messam was a machine.

Funny I was so worried about our offense and thought our defense would shine. The exact opposite happened. If our defense can not get a grip on their run stopping they are in big trouble.

Well it is confirmed, DD ruptured achilles.

Oh man that really sucks probably done for the season again.

At his age, probably career ending. Time to start grooming Brett Smith to take over.

the Defense and special teams have to learn how to tackle .
the highlight reel hit not only gets you 5 seconds of fame but usually gets your backside burnt.
do something about all the penalties that we are taking, this is a reflection of our coaching staff.

THIS ^^ was the biggest factor in the loss. It's one thing to get beat, it's another to get outschemed or something, but there is absolutely no excuse for downright shoddy pee wee fundamentals. 15 or 20 missed tackles? HORRIBLE. The worst is the Butler special - launch your body at the guy without wrapping. Macho did it once, then even Maze, then Knox. Almost everyone behind the front 4 did it at least once except Regimbald and maybe Telvion. Wrap up and get the s o b on the ground ffs! Your VERY FIRST LESSON when they hand you your first helmet and pads. COME ON!!

If they wrap up proper a couple of those TDs turn into punts and win fairly easily. They had the Bombers on their 1 yard line and let them drive all the way out. I joked to my dad, they could have backed them up onto Scarth street, they still would have marched all the way for a score when no one wants to tackle them.

If this shit happens again next week someone's getting cut. That's Chamblin's MO, he's done it before and I agree with it.

We got guys all so proud of themselves as they make missiles of their bodies, figuring they're so badass they'll just knock em over on contact. Cocky Bulls**t! Just put the mfkr on the goddamn ground or find another line of work!

worst tackling I have seen in a long time.

Agreed just pure bulls$*** technique displayed by almost all the defense on tackling. And how many PI's did Maze take? 3 I counted at least. Bottom line this kind of effort is not going to cut it period. Chamblin better lay the law down quickly and in no uncertain terms let it be known some jobs could be on the line or his certainly will.

Macho's attempted spear tackle sums it up. Brutal.

Marshay Green couldn't hit a neon pink blocking sled anchored in concrete, dunked in superglue and wedged into granite crevasse.

LOL so true, never liked this guy, can't believe he's still here, but that's only the tip of the ice burg.

CC's aggressive D what a joke, worst D we have had in years, they cost us this game. All the time spent by CC to the D side and this is what he brings us, a complete joke! If this doesn't improve soon, CC maybe looking for work come end of the season!

Our O on the other had, played great, Bad luck for DD really feel for him, but Glenn played well, so this won't be last year, Ryan Smith had a good game, even Getz caught balls, Allen has greatly improved from last season and Messem is a bull!!

Milo almost missed on the last GF attempt, and about 20 yards out, missed the other 2, we need a kicker if he can't find the bars. This is not the game I expected, not even close!!

A- to the O
F to the D
ST get a B

With what he put into the D and the displacing of Hall it needs to look better by week 2 (not saying much) and GOOD by week 3…otherwise he may not see labor day. Connop is not ready on the DL…they likely have no choice but starting him at this point though.

I know zone takes a few games…this zone was horrid. This was a man coverage built D last season…the new rules require a lot of zone…who knows…

In a tight game you can always depend on Milo to choke.

and on the one he got 2 shots at it...closer the second time and didn't learn from the first miss...REALLY??? :x :x

Put a centre upright pole in the middle and make it worth 10 points. He will be leading the league in scoring within a week. ;D