if the coaches read the forums, heres my "to you"

5 things that would help the ti-cat team look like a professional team and not a high-school bunch of boys
for you sticklers out there. im not going player changes position changes etc

  1. the playbook must change. not change to the coaching staffs interest, but the players. give our faster recievers the jump before the snap. use tricky formations and easy routes.
    some proof: armstead was slow off the line. which works for qb's who are used to being under preasure. maas and chang are both new. they both feel the presure. get bauman and armstead to take off flying and give the go ahead to throw the deep ball even under preasure instead of a resulted sack or 2 yard dump-off(waste of a play imo)

  2. study the defence. the argos went with 5 deep 5 rshers and 2 middlemen almost all game on defence. we had no pass routes that fill their holes. basic film study will help this team

  3. make the game easier. we clearly cant move the ball very easily. less dump-offs and more 8-10 yard hooks and slants. if we go out in a 5 reciever formation. keep the rb back to block. we dont need 6 men to pass to when 4 are never gonna get the ball.
    on top of that. offencive blocking needs to be better. not talking about the o-line

  4. get rid of the quick-hitters and replace them with a pro-set dual blocking backs to make a 5 man line a 7 man blocking crew. no one ever needs to throw 20 yards across the feild to an open man who has to stand still for 3 seconds to catch it and get hamered for a small gain. if were going to kill our recievers please do it for + yards instead of 2nd and 10 now 3rd and 9.

and finally

  1. our defence has to be more innovative. screw being conservative. more strange blitzing and less routine zone coverage. every team has picked our zones weaknesses apart every game. maybe switch to man-to-man coverage on the corners with a solid deep safety to read and a 7 man rush? either way change it up. be different on defence to make an impact. send the house on a 2nd and 10 or more. show the offence whos house their in.

with that being said. i dont feel the players are to blame. as i dont feel the coaches are. the entire team is a whole unit and winsloses as a team. maas has an arm. lets give him some confidence and we can see good things. he has feet, maybe a roll out post to arm or bauman get them scared of our deep game to open up lanes for jessie

and please for the love of the game. is maas feels the heat and cant handle it. MORE BLOCKING LESS RUNNING.

take care

section 7 14 year season ticket holderamateur coach

Very constructive stuff Rob. Thanks!

Actually against a zone you need 6 receivers in order to flood their zones to get that one guy open.

As far as studying film and all that stuff, I'm pretty sure it's a given that any coach at the pro level lives in the film room, the problem is the other coach is doing the same thing against us. It's always going to come down to talent, coaches just waste their time pretending like they have something to do with the outcome of a game lol.

Re Rob -amateur coach-- As a amateur coach you must know that what looks good on paper most of the time doesn't work so well ion Practice , or games, So it takes a season or two to settle in on the plays that work with the personnel you have to work with,, What we are witnessing IMHO is a NCaa playbook being honed into a CFl Playbook, unfortunately it takes time,, AND the right qb!cheers coach

drexl- agreeed mostly. but we came out with our "flooding"sending 2 guys deep and sending the rest 3 yards to the sidelines on more than 5 different occasions last game. they covered the deep ball well them argos. i would have liked to see more quick-routes for yards instead of quick-routes for the minimal 2-3 yard gains.

mass- completely agree with you there. which is why i think dumbing it down until the players gel together wouldnt be a bad idea. go back to school yard ball and send your corners on a 10 yard out and your slot on a jump-started flag pattern letting him go 1 on 1 vs the outside db .maybe 1 on 2 if the safety reads the play. enough air under the ball its 90% completed already
easy football because cfl football plays are too dramatic for an amateur team

Good points Rob.

One thing that has baffled me all year has been our receivers in motion towards the line of scrimmage having to STOP dead and wait for the snap. They rarely seem to be in motion when the ball is snapped. The timing is just brutal and Ralph Brock, er Dieter, er, Brock Ralph has gone offside a few times when he does try to get a jump.

This is pretty fundamental and problems are expected when you have a new quarterback and new cadence but this should not be a problem for us.