If The CFL Went Back to the U.S. (fun game)

Okay lets play make believe…

The CFL starts to really sell their product and gain A LOT of fans, TV interest, etc…

With no “real” Pro Leagues in the US other than the NFL some Americans like Mark Cuban decide they want to get in on the action and come up with a good business plan. Not a half-baked hurried plan.

The CFL decides that they just can’t go on with only 10 teams (There’s been expansion to Halifax and Windsor)

So the expansion to the US is going to happen… no if’s and’s or but’s…

WHERE would you put the teams? Why?

It would have to be in northern states with CFL type stadiums. And I'm all for it, I'm sick of the repetition in an 8 team league, either expand or reduce the sched to 10 games.

It would be great if they can increase to at least 12 teams - 2 american 2 Canadian.

Rochester NY !!

Immediate rivalry with the Ticats and Argos.
1.5 Hr bus ride to Hamilton.
2.5 Hr bus ride to Toronto.
Or just bring the team across the lake in a big boat.

1.5 hours to Rochester. Have how ever been there? With the border crossing it is at least 3 hours.

My picks would be...

Somewhere in North Dakota.

They don't have a HUGE population, however, there isn't any pro-football there, they are close to the border and in my opinion would embrace the team like an American version of Saskatchewan.

Bangor, Maine: Could create a really good rivalry with Halifax. (remember... Halifax is in the league now!)

Baltimore would be an obvious choice. They had the best CFL fans in the states. If any place it would work there.

Possible expansion cities in the eastern U.S.-Detroit, Rochestor, and Hartford. In the west-Portland, and Salt Lake City.

I rather Say in Canada

Maybe if they put a team in Windsor or Detroit, they can't be any worse than the NFL Lions. They might even win more games than the NFL Lions do! LOL

I would Portland, Maine. Closer to the no tax shopping in New Hampshire so the wife might let me go haha

Okay I can understand your point. But why 10 games?
Why not 14?

What about a team in Fairbanks Alaska? LOL

Imagine a Grey Cup in Alaska!!!!

In my opinion I agree with the points that have been stated. Cities that don't have football, smaller stadiums that can average 25,000-30,000. If the CFL does go back they better do their homework this time and help the selected areas grow with the CFL so it can be successful. Go slow start with two teams and see how they grow with the league first before they go out and sign more cities.
I would love to see new teams. I am bored with the same old 8 teams as well

That's why you call the border hotline to find out the delays at each bridge.
If it's taking you 3 hrs to get to Rochester from Hamilton then you must be driving 30mph :lol: :lol:

I would rather see the CFL stay in Canada. I grew up in the USA expansion era and I look back now and just hate the fact that an american team is on the grey cup.

No one outside of Canada understands our game. The only reason why Baltimore was successful is because they were a good team and they had no NFL team.

The CFL is Canada's league. It would be like the English Premiership League to allow teams from Scotland or the CIS to allow NCAA teams to play in it.

CFL is Canadiana. I don't want the USA invovled with our league again. This is OUR league.

Let's go back to Ottawa (even though I think it would be a disaster), Quebec City, Halifax, Moncton, why not one of the territories?

I think going to the states is a dumb move. They are already oversaturated with pro, college, arena, and arena 2 football that another confusing rules league would completely mess them up.

Last time it was done for money. The CFL is stronger now than it's ever been. Even the Argos are getting fans to the Rogers Centre.

I like the status quo right now of the CFL. It might be dull to some to see the same teams but if they monkey around with anything, we could have no team and no league.

I like that they are taking their time with the Ottawa thing. You have to have your ducks in a row to make sure you have success.

I would go further and suggest that the amount of support the Baltimore CFL franchise received was largely BECAUSE of the city's NFL history and the fact they had been jilted by the NFL Colts. I think the majority of the support for Baltimore's CFL team was built on a) spite for the NFL, and paradoxically b) the hope that decent turnouts for ANY football team might bode well for a possible future return of the NFL.

There were a few hardline CFL fans in Baltimore who didn't welcome the return of the NFL with open arms, but I think they were in the minority.

Still to this day fans from Baltimore come out to Grey Cup festivities and they haven't had a team for over a decade now and the franchise only existed for 2 seasons in the first place. Could only imagine what they would get now if the franchise was still around.

how bad was attendance in sacramento?

Is Portand O too close to Seattle?

Whats the population of Butte and Billings, or the whole state of montana?

How about moscow.

Here's my picks:

  • Grand Forks Foreigners
  • Detroit Deportees (to play at refurbished Tiger Stadium)
  • Milwaukee Frothees
  • Portland Draft Dodgers
  • Columbus Loyalists
  • Hartford Haudenosaunee

It might be a little hard to play at a refurbished Tiger Stadium considering it's been demolished. :stuck_out_tongue: