If the CFL strikes, or locks out.. I'm gone!

I seriously doubt that the players and the owners would be crazy enough to not get something worked out. The CFL is currently gaining more fans and the majority of teams are stronger financially then they have been in a long time. I am sure if there is a partial or complete loss of a season due to a lock out or strike that the current momentum that the CFL is enjoying will be lost and could take years to regain. This lost momentum could really cost the league in terms of a renewed TV deal next time around as well if the ratings were to decline. If however I am wrong and there is a strike or lockout then I will carefully look to see what the issues were to create the situation and decide if I am finished following the league again. I was one of the fans that the CFL had lost years ago for about a decade or so but again returned to follow the league in the 90's and have been a strong follower ever since. I'm not sure I can stick around if the league shoots itself in the foot again after fighting it's way back to where it is now.

I'm a CFL I'll be here till I die or it Dies what ever comes 1st :thup:

i heard that the BC lions players are willing to cross the picket line. \is this the only way the lions can win a Grey Cup when there are no other teams to play\\\\//// :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :rockin: :cowboy:

hmmm, how many cups have the riders won again???

Riders have 3 cups in 100 years. but they did lose 14 Grey cups.

What a thread...

I'm gone as a fan as well, I've grown tired of the league since Flutie and Garcia left, the CFL has become too much a defensive league and I hate the fact that they go to the coaches for input on rule changes because every change they make is to make the league more boring and defensive. Like making the balls more awkward to throw 2 years ago, extra imports on kick coverage, no more side blocking and allowing teams to put all their non imports on offense, most teams go with one non import on defense which is just a silly rule. Who ever comes up with these rules must have had a mom who smoked crack while pregnant and dropped him on his head one too many times as a child. The CFL is just poorly run and I'm sick of it, I just wont bother with this league anymore if there's a lockout.

Why not do us all a favour and bugger off now?

Frankly Im sick of all the NonImport Bashers on this forum, BUT!! the CFL need,s all the fans it can get, even the Non Import Bashers :twisted: And if the league has a lockout, it will never be the same again. The Players did their part in keeping the leadue viable, they deserve more coin now!!

Strike or lockout,ill be back.But if they go the American exp route again ill be gone like I was last time and only watched the GC games.

....People say they'll leave and then regain their senses and get right back to the CFL game...I liken it to the line in the Hotel California song by the Eagles....'You can check-out anytime you like....but you can never leave' :rockin: :lol: Like Arnold.....you'll be back... this game and league are addictive.. :thup:

I'm not bashing non imports, I'd just like it to be a rule that makes sense, like having an even amount of Canuks on the field at all times. 4 on offense 4 on defense 4 on special teams or 3 whatever, but I guess it makes too much sense to do something like that, it goes against what the folks at CFL head quarters seem to want, less big plays, less scoring, less deep balls thrown.

I could see semi pro football really doing well attendance wise if there is no cfl this year.When the nhl had a lock out attendance in major jr hockey really took off very good crowds.

Well, the difference being that major junior hockey has been around for decades. No one would go watch a bunch of scrubs play a glorified pick-up game for a team that didn't exist a month earlier. I won't even get into the impossibility of the logistics of putting something like that together, let alone the certain economic disaster waiting for anyone dumb enough to put money into it.

What you might see is an uptick in the interest of CIS and junior football, and, like it or not, the NCAA and NFL.

Assuming Wikipedia is reliable, the CJFL has been around since 1890 (no source is given, though and I can't find anything on the CJFL website) and some of the teams in the CJFL have been around for decades as well. The AKO Fratmen from Windsor have been around since 1929. Many other teams have been around since the 40s, 50s, and 60s. I can't find as much info on the QJFL, but apparently it can trace its history back to 1908.

Like you, though, I doubt that a CFL strike would result in much additional interest in these teams.

Those are junior football teams - which I mentioned could see some benefit. I have no idea what sort of "semi-pro" thing the original poster of this idea was talking about, as none exists today.

The northern football conference is seen as semi pro.

Oops. I the last line of your earlier too quickly and missed "junior football". From the first sentence of the first paragraph, it sounded like you were comparing junior hockey with junior football, not semi-pro.

I assume, then, that the Alberta Football League would also be considered semi-pro, since their respective champions play each other for the CMFL final.

I agree with this quote. That other fellow isn’t much of a fan if he’s willing to jump ship at the first sign of trouble. The CFL is way to exciting to abandon it !!!

Can any of the old-timers on here tell us about the drop-kick and other old play with tight ends and wishbone formations used by these teams perhaps to this day?

Do they seek other drop-kicking talent (hint,hint,hint)? :stuck_out_tongue:

Do these teams still use those cool helmets without the masks like many NHL players now forgoing the face shield right after all the dudes who were grandfathered before the helmet rule to keep playing with no helmet have retired?