If the CFL strikes, or locks out.. I'm gone!

Who’s with me?

I will not support the CFL if either side locks out or strikes. I don’t care what excuses they come up with, I will not support the CFL at all.

I think the whole idea is just stupid and childish and they need to both grow up!

Oh, man, I never thought I'd actually cheer for a lockout...

I'm waiting for Arte to say something like "Hmm. cflisthebest gone on one hand, no football on the other. Hmm, tough decision." :lol:

But seriously, it would really depend alot on positions, the reasonableness thereof, etc., before I categorically say never again to the CFL, but at the moment, I would be hard pressed to say I wouldn't be back. It is too entrenched in Canadian culture to let it fall just because one side or the other exercised their right/freedom brought about by our democracy and enshrined in our Constitution (freedom of association).

Chief beat Arte to it !!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I have already said, in the other thread, that after 44 yrs of being a die hard cfl fanatic, I will give up totally on the CFL if there is not regular season this yr.

I mean, what the hell. I have already seen the best there will ever be in the CFL anyhow. So many great and exciting players have come and gone and its getter harder to get attached to new players. There will never be another flutie, or gizmo, or pinball, or Fernandez or Passaglia, etc. The best have come and gone. I have had my fill, no problem walking away

I took a decade long break from paying close attention to the CFL. You'll probably do the same. You'll leave but you'll be back.

hmmj, I dunno. Not sure I will even still be alive, I mean, who wants to be 65, not me :wink:


FYB - You’re getting old and crotchety. I’m a Ti-Cat fan. When Mosca retired I never thought there would be another one… and there wasn’t. But there was a Covington, and then a Montford (and man am I ever waiting for the next sackmaster to come along). Linemen, receivers, QB’s- new great ones will come. If I ever get to thinking that I’ve seen it all or that ONLY the past was good then it will be time to pile the dirt onto me. Don’t get me wrong- in my heart I know that the 'Cats of the 60’s were and always will be the greatest team of all time. However, in my head, I know that my heart is nuts!

Oh… with the players on this one and that wouldn’t be my normal stance. Gave up on the NHL after the last strike.

People need to relax.

Everything you hear and read is ALL posturing and nothing else. The gap between the two sides is way too small to cause a lockout or strike. They'll get it done, even if it's the 11th hour.

The email that was sent to the players was more a tool to remind them to stay unified than to warn them of a strike, they want the players to believe it's happening so that they can stand together on the issues.

The devil is in the details and the owners are terrified of opening their books to the players. I wonder why...

i wonder if the owners are thinking... umm well, u can play in the nfl or wait no u cant, thats why u are here to begin with... or u can play in the cfl... and maybe get back to the nfl or u can play... umm yeah... i guess u cant play anywhere else really can u? the unseen football league? the arnea league where u make 200 a game? umm yeah no.. no competition for the cfl really so i suppose if im in an owner im thinking... why would i open my pocketbooks more when its either nfl cfl or bust for these guys? hmm

i just find it weird in a league that has so much turnover in players ever year really that the players can actually be serious about a players association. like umm, unions are bad me thinks.

and with that statement, you have proven that nobody is all bad :wink:

Sheesh, I'm seriously reconsidering my stance on the CFL work stoppage issue, AND I found myself in agreement with thekillerisme....all in the same thread. Is it too early for a thread of the year?

Have to admit, I do like the name thekillerisme, reminds me of the Smashing Pumpkins song I think it was. :wink:

You make it sound as if the league has a fifty percent turnover rate. The CFL lost, what, maybe six or eight players to the NFL (feel free to correct me)? That's around two percent. Sure there are cuts and trades, but that's totally normal, and gives us all stuff to talk about.

I'm not going to argue about unions however :wink:

Saying there will never be another (enter their name here) is dumb, every generation of fan has their never be another player like him again type player. Some of the older would say there would never be another Jackie Parker or George Reed or Ron Lancaster. Some of the younger might say one day that there will never be another Darian Durant if he turns out being good. Its like arguing about what generation of music is the best on You tube. PS Fernandez wouldnt even rank in my top 100 of receivers. I would like to see them be locked out for at least a few hours for obvious reasons.

you just lowered very much the value of your opinion with that comment.

AS for "there will never be", it was a fluke set of circumstances that saw flutie come here in the first place. If and when another Doug Flutie comes along, the CFL will not be paying what it took to get him here, at least not in my lifetime, and the guy would most likely make it in a now more open minded NFL. Closest thing to Flutie would be Moon, and in todays more enlightened NFL, he would not have had to come to the CFL. While not a fan of the giz, because of the team he played for, he was a "freak of nature", and I mean that in a good way. Most positive we will not see the likes of him again in most of our lifetimes. Clemons mixture of stature, style, production, and character make him a unique individual that I know I will never see the like again in the cfl in my life time. He was like tha cfl's version of Barry Sanders, and it will be a long time before the NFL sees the likes of him again, no matter how many other great ones come along who get it done in different way. Barry was the most exciting.

As far as many other names I could suggest, maybe we do see the same again, but we wont see better, so it sooner or later becomes same old same old. Different name, different face, same result, nothing extra exciting like we have never seen before. I am not saying I dont want to see it any more, just that I could walk away satisfied. Specially with espn classics showing old flutie games, and others. NOt to mention the taped games I have of the 94 lions post season run to the cup, among others.

I'm not sure you're even being logical here. There will never be another Joe Krol or whoever, so logically there will always be someone different, not just same old, same old. The game evolves and different skills come to the fore. I was away from the game for a while, and it's fascinating to see the changes. The Peter Liske Stampeders seemed bizarre at the time for their exclusive reliance on the pass, but now 5 or 6 receiver sets are normal. I'm old enough to remember the double fullback system (Gilchrist and MacDougall with the Cats, etc.); when's the last time you saw that?

No two players are exactly alike. So either we lament that we'll never see Etcheverry to Patterson again, or we look ahead to whoever's going to be the next star attraction. Johnny Rodgers wasn't Hal Patterson, but he didn't have to be.

I think the problem isn't that we'll never see another Doug Flutie again, it's that we keep looking for the next Doug Flutie. This is something that has always annoyed me. You'll never find the next Gretzky or Jordan. However, that doesn't mean we don't have some dynamic players right now. We've got Ovie and Crosby, Kobe and Wade and Nash, etc. Just take a look at Steve Nash. The guy is 36-years-old, yet he's still averaging 17 and 11. That's insane! In fact, he's averaged 11 or more assists in three of the last four years, and he's led the league in assists for... I can't even tell you how many years. He's one of the best point guards the NBA has seen in a long, long time. And look at the way Crosby has captured the attention of Canada. This entire country went nuts when he scored the OT goal in the Gold Medal game. We may not have a Flutie, or a Bradshaw, or a Jordan, but we've got some pretty damn great athletes doing some pretty damn great things!

It's good to know that the CFL has great loyal fans.
Oh wait....
Maybe you should wait and see if there is in fact a lockout, for how long, what are the circumstances, and how the league comeback from it. I for one won't let a lockout determine if I'm a fan or not. Think people in Canada gave the NHL up because of the lockout?

Lockouts hurt business, I do believe that, but it doesn't mean the should the CFL make a comeback from it that I will no longer be a fan.

Hopefully all this is moot and there is no lockout.