If the CFL still had a 16 game season.

Only one player in the entire league would be on pace for either 1000 yards rushing or passing. As it stands now with an 18 game season only 3 players are on pace to break that milestone... 1 rushing and 2 passing

now tell us what the total offensive yardage for the league is on pace to be and how that compares to other years. If you can

That would be differcult... But did the Riders not have 3 1000 yard recievers just a couple of years ago?

Uh, okay.

Is there a point to this?

the info is there. cfl.ca main page, stats for teams. Every team has between 304 and 382 yards per game. Add them up. Divide by number of games played in the league so far. Multiply by number of games to be played in the season.

Compare to previous yrs.

I suspect that while overall offensive production may be down, that spreading the ball around to more players, specially because of key injuries, has a lot to do with present situation re 1000 yard seasons.

Yeah there is a point... The point is that fans are being ripped off with the CFLs can't do attitude... This whole season was destroyed by the CFL refusing to accept its own success and now we are watching frickin blooper ball. Game after game....week after week, I get pumped up to watch some real football and almost every time I am treated to complete crap! This last week had a good game,and three complete duds. It's gotten so bad that I didn't even care that my Bombers lost, I was just glad that the game didn't turn into a complete abortion like the game in Montreal or the game in Hamilton. I was excited to see the game not end in some kind of ridiculous turnover or some kind of penalty... Calgary took control of their game because of a roughing the kicker penalty... It just isn't right to see game after game after game decided by who can manage to avoid a catostrophic turnover or penalty..

Well I don't have that much time on my hands... However, injuries to Quarterbacks has been limited this season and not a single QB is on pace for 5000 yards.

"The world is ending, woe is me."

Pretty much all of your posts lately Mr. Bungle. How bout a little optimism? It hasn't been a banner season, but there's still plenty of season left to turn that around.

Actually that was just last year with Taj, Dressler, and Getzlaf.

The problem is the ninth team added to the league diluting the product, extra player movement etc. Plus the labour issues. It funny that everyone wants (including me) that tenth team but my question is where are the good 22 good Canadians going to come from???

That it would tighten up the playoff races and not prolong the pain... :thup:

Yes that’s a good question. When the 9th team was added it meant more Canadians were added to the league, plus NFL teams expanded their rosters, plus the refs seem to be calling every little infraction.

no such thing as a little infraction. ya either broke a rule, or you did not.

Ya nazi. :cowboy: :stuck_out_tongue: